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 Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally   Sun 31 Jul - 20:29:29

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, we take a look back on our final 2 and their blossoming romance that lead them all the way to finals.

Flashback to when Gaston and Dodger first started spooning in bed.

Gaston: "Hey pup, looking good"

Dodger: "*wags tail* you too handsome"

Gaston: "I've been eyeing you out lately, are you working on your abs?"

Dodger: "I can't believe someone noticed. I've been fetching my own ball for days trying to work out."

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

I finally got the courage to approach Dodger today. Some might look at it as beastiality, but I don't even care anymore.

Gaston: "Enjoying the game so far?"

Dodger: "Yes, it's been a real blast but I feel pretty lonely."

Gaston: "I do too. I keep going on the block and my bed is pretty cold at night"

Dodger: "Try a doggy bed, nothing comfortable about that."

Gaston: "You're free to sleep in my bed if you want :/"

Dodger: "Thanks pal Smile"

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

Gaston invited me to sleep in his bed. I feel a little uncomfortable with it but I'll sleep my way to the top if I have to. No shame in using what my momma gave me.

A few days later.

Dodger: "I like Olaf but I have no attachment to him. I'm alright with that."

Gaston: "Once again same page."

Dodger: "I've talked to Boo very little and I do like Olaf, but I'd trust Boo still in the game more. I'd prefer Boo to stay but the vote just seemed agreed on. Wish I hadn't voted now."

Gaston: "Yeah, I wish we waited, but it just it made sense at the time. I know Pocahontas wants to keep Boo, but still not enough votes."

Dodger: "I usually wait to vote until the last minute in case something comes up. This one just seemed so straightforward with no one dancing around. Boo will probably be gone but there's a chance she got to enough people."

Gaston: "Yeah, I guess we'll see. If only she asked earlier."

Gaston consoles Dodger with a back rub.

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

It used to feel weird but I'm really growing to find Gaston charming and kind of sexy. What is this house doing to me?

A few days later.

Dodger: "I just realized the round starting with tonight's challenge should end up with the first jury member. Stakes are higher now."

Gaston: "Oh wow already?? That was so fast."

Dodger: "Yeah. The game should be over in a week and a half. 9 left after tonight. That's insane."

Gaston: "Wow. That's unbelievable, but you're right. We have competitions five days a week right? What's our plan moving forward? Shall we stay out of the crossfires or do we want to win this next HOH?"

Dodger: "t might depend who's online come challenge time. If people we can work with are online it might be better to go for POV. If people we can't work with are online HOH might be better. Whoever wins this HOH is going to get a lot of blood on their hands and set off a storm. We're going to have to put ourselves in the crossfires within a round or two though and it's always going to be a risk.

If we could somehow get Elsa and Queen Narissa close enough to be sure and have the 4 best at challenges alternating challenges, that would be ideal. But that's risky too."

Gaston: "I agree.

I looked at the cast list, and there's hardly anyone left. I'm also not sure what some people would do if they were to win... What would lady do? What would Pocahontas do? I don't know. It's weird.

Perhaps we should see who will win like you suggested. I just don't want to be blindsided or have no way of saving us in the event one of us is nominated. I think we could get the numbers, but still. I'm ranting... I'll stop"

Dodger: "We could both work on the challenge and whoever finishes it first posts it here, assuming it's a post-the-answer challenge. I'd definitely see who's only 5-10 minutes the challenge and go from there when deciding between HOH and POV."

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

I can't believe how time has flown by since I started hanging out with Dodger. I can't imagine my time here without him. *swoons* I love when he asks me to scratch his belly.

A hours days later.

Dodger: "Woody might nominate you. Mulan might nominate me. Elsa can only play the POV. No clue about Olaf or Pocahontas. Guarded but optimistic about Queen Narissa. Looks mixed or uncertain Queen Narissa is the only big threat to win HOH. Thoughts?"

Gaston: "She scares me to be honest.. A lot. (Queen)

I don't think Olaf will win, but if he does, that would be good for us I think. I don't see Mulan winning. Pocahontas? Have you talked to her yet? You may want to feel her out a bit."

Dodger: "I have talked to her. I like her but I don't get a good read on her.

Do you know anything about movie monsters?"

Gaston: "I feel like she would nominate me if she were to win, and I'm not okay with that."

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

Sometimes I can't concentrate on these challenges because I'm too distracted by Gaston's muscles and beauty.

A few days later

Gaston: "Pocahontas is not happy with me. She's like...

"Why did you do that?"

Oh well. Congrats. I'm probably gonna go now. I have lots of homework to do. Also, you're gonna have to start talking to Pocahontas. I have an idea who she is. She could be very dangerous."

Dodger: "I've already started. I actually think I talk to her a good amount but she disagrees. I'll start talking to her more. I just finished messaging her right now.

Thank you! "

Gaston: "Sure!

Knowing who she is, she will probably fact check everything I told her. She was worried, so I told her you only said good things about her when I asked you for a rundown of all the players.

I have a feeling she will put two and two together, and I'm worried she's on to us. We need to win HOH and veto from here on out. She's gotta go. She will build an army... She's already in with lady. Not good."

Dodger: "Elsa told me she likes you a lot. I tried to play this off like you and I haven't talked much but that I hoped we could use this deal to work together. Hoping that works to gain trust between a 3 person group but I'm trying to make it look organic and like it's just happening *right now*.

How do you know Pocahontas is in with Lady? That's interesting. Lady and I talk a little each round so I wonder what would've happened with her vote if I had stayed on the block. I'll make sure to keep things consistent with Pocahontas.

There's a small chance I can get the HOH back but I need to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane to rub it in Kathy's face first. Or eat crow while Kathy rubs it in my face. Not sure which yet. Off to watch!"

Dodger: "Did you see Boo's comment in the eviction ceremony? It's interesting.

Based on everything learned this past round I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess the Spice Girls are Pocahontas, Mulan and Lady Tremaine. I'm not sure about Narissa."

Gaston: "Ha! No I didn't see that. Very funny and very telling.

Who are we voting again? Sorry I've been so flustered today"

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

I'm flustered because I think my feelings for Dodger run deeper than I thought. They might be love. Ugh, how will I explain this to my parents.

Dodger: "Narissa and Mulan haven't responded to me which is probably a planned effort. Lady hasn't signed on so I don't know what's going on with her but I have suspicions about who she is and will likely stab them all in the back soon if she is with them. Whichever stays in the game, Woody or Olaf, we need to jump on fast and try to get them close. Without saying anything too damning in case one of them already got to him."

Gaston: "Also weird. Mulan has definitely answered me back"

Dodger: "If my assumptions are correct there's a chance that someone in the Mulan/Pocahontas/Lady group will backstab the others if they're against a wall. So we just have to get them against a wall for a couple rounds and even if they're not gone we might be able to get an advantage.

I'm fine with voting Woody. Elsa mentioned saving Olaf. I'm not pressing too hard on that. I haven't heard from Queen since this morning. Lady just said she's hearing Woody too.

Which is an interesting situation. I can vote Woody to go with the majority and throw them off or I can be maybe the only vote for Olaf to confirm their suspicions and see what they say to you and Elsa based on that. Thoughts?"

Gaston: "I feel like lady would be the only one to, but let's get it a try.

Which is an interesting situation. I can vote Woody to go with the majority and throw them off or I can be maybe the only vote for Olaf to confirm their suspicions and see what they say say..

^^^ I was just going to mention this to you. Sounds golden."

As the days went by, their bond and love only solidified and grew. Now, both of them sit in finals holding hands and shoving their love in everyone's faces because they just give zero facks about their haters.

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

Alright.  Home stretch.  I need to win one more challenge and then I'm in the final 2 (it's possible I can make it there without winning, but... I'm not relying on that completely).  So, buzzed (not quite drunk) rant about the game...

When the game started, I didn't even really care (sorry).  I showed up for challenges, I responded to PMs if I felt like it, but... I wasn't invested.  That changed.  The challenges this game have been, for the most part, a lot of fun.  I started to like Woody a lot, and I enjoyed Gretmel being all over me (love you!), so... I stuck around.

Gaston wasn't even here for the first couple challenges.  Finally, he PM'd me asking me to save him, and I latched on.  Through him I heard that Mulan was targeting me, and Boo mentioned "The Spice Girls", and from then on... the game was on.  Actually, poop on this.  I'm just going to give a case rundown.

John Smith - no McLovin' clue

Kaa - his avatar was cool

Hopper - um, yeah

Scott Calvin - He was interesting.  I actually tried to talk with him, start a real conversation.  He responded to my last message with "Lol", so I stopped bothering.  When I won HOH, he PM'd me again acting like he was my biggest ally, saying we should request a private room.  I kind of passively brushed him off.  Then I backdoored him.  Then he was evicted and went apeshit.  Joke apeshit, anyway (I think?).  Maybe a little real apeshit considering he told Mulan I was targeting her (which I never said any such thing).  So, yeah.  There's that.  Whatever.

Boo - You guys should know my conflict regarding Boo.  Was it Pete?  I really don't know.  I talked to Boo a little, too, and really liked her/him.  We talked about how our characters were the best thing in their respective movies.  Boo was fun to talk to.  Alas, I didn't talk to her (him?) much.  My reason for nominating him (her?) really was because I had talked to Boo less than most.  I felt horrible about it.  

Woody - This was the first eviction that really hurt me.  I liked Woody when I first talked to him... then I thought he was Turner (who I like a lot, but in a game... hell no).  Briefly I thought he was Tom pretending to be like Turner.  Tom played as Sweet Solitude in the first game I played (the last Lsquared), and I remember Sweet Solitude seeming Woody-esque at times.  Eh.  I really have no McLovin' idea who Woody is.  Mulan et al got the idea I was working with Woody... It was partially true.  I gave him the answers to a challenge, he was the person I went to most the first couple rounds, before Gaston.  I was going around PM'ing people that Olaf would probably be the vote, and then Lady Tremaine called me out on it and I stopped.  I really was trying to save Woody - just without putting my neck too much on the line.  And it failed.  I guess that made me closer with Gaston, though.  All the same, I wish Woody had stayed in the game longer.  I may have truly worked with him if he had. I don't know, though.  Wasn't happy about him being evicted.

Lady Tremaine - Lolz.  I didn't trust Lady for BACK AT IT AGAIN.  But I liked her (him?) a lot.  Obviously she lied to me a fair amount, if simply by omission (and I did the same), but I did feel like she wasn't *immediately* against me.  If anything, I felt like calling me out on suggesting Olaf was her way of telling me to stop, that I was digging myself into a hole.  I certainly wasn't her main ally (nor was she mine), but I think she maybe wanted me for back-up?  idk.  I was upset about her being evicted, too, but not as upset as I was about Woody being evicted.

Pocahontas - LOLZ!  I really did try to make it a game... I started writing long-BOOTY messages to her just to see how short her response would be.  Then she'd turn around and Gretel about us not talking enough. Laughing  Always with a sad face, too. Sad  From what I currently know, she was targeting me and doing a piss poor job of it.  This game involves a lot of lying, so I never hold it against people for lying.  But that "we should talk more Sad" guilt while targeting me?  Eh.  poop on it.  I finally just stopped responding to her.  Anything I'd say would get around to others, likely in some twisted form.  So it seemed best to not say anything.  This isn't to say I dislike her (she was playing, and doing pretty well for a while)... but for the purpose of this game?  Happy she was evicted.

Olaf - My best guess here is Mets or Duck, but I'm not confident about that.  Which is funny... Mets and Duck are nothing alike, or I didn't think they were, but they do seem to love each other.  Mets is better at challenges than Olaf, though.  idk.  Either way... Olaf is one of my biggest regrets of the game.  I opportunistically swooped in to try to lure him my way.  I had talked to him before, lots of warm hugs and all that, but... It's interesting how once I really started talking to him, he started seeming very different - smarter, really.  All along, all I had to do was be (somewhat) honest with him... I just had to break that barrier first.  I wish I had done it sooner.  By the time I did, it was nothing but a ploy - and I think he realized that when he was evicted.  He sent me a PM wishing me luck in the game, and I felt like BACK AT IT AGAIN.  But by that time, Gaston and I were in full swing, and I couldn't betray Gaston.  Still, I wish I had REALLY talked to Olaf earlier in the game.  Despite him sucking at challenges, for the little I really talked to I liked him a lot, and I would've been happy to work with him.  I really didn't mean for him to be evicted when came up with the plan to make him Narissa's replacement.  I was just trying to get Gaston to see I had his back, and - as a secondary purpose - trying to gain a little bit of Narissa's trust without totally losing Olaf's.  And I failed miserably.  

Elsa - I love Elsa.  I might be wrong about who she is - I probably am - but either way, I truly adore Elsa.  I was most loyal to Gaston, but I admit there was still part of me wanting to see if Elsa would outlast him.  I wasn't going to sacrifice Gaston for Elsa's sake, but I also kinda hoped she'd pull through.  When she voted Olaf, knowing Mulan had been targeting me (or at least knowing that was the word going around)... it wasn't so much that I wanted to get rid of Elsa for that, just that I no longer had any argument to keep her around.  For ages, I was trying - subtly - to get Elsa and Gaston closer, so we could form a 3 person alliance.  But with her voting to evict Olaf, that hope went out the window.  Whoever she is (if she's who I think she is, it was a nice change of pace, something I missed), I loved talking to her throughout this game.  Maybe more than anyone else.  Gaston too, in a different way.  But Elsa is great.  Big fan, man.

Mulan - Lolz.  I actually really like Mulan.  Rachael, maybe?  Between her and Pocahontas, Sam and Merriska have crossed my mind, too (Pocahontas reminded me of Audrey from Lsquared, thus that association).  I really barely talk to any of you people outside of public threads... get off my back!  idk.  We didn't even start talking until we were at odds, so there was always a bit of a stand-off.  In terms of the game, talking to her at all was just appeasing her.  But aside from the game, she's amazing, too.  I'd gladly talk to her after the game.  But in terms of the game itself?  She should've been out sooner.  Great social game (it seemed like there was a period where everyone relied on her, to some degree).  And I came around, with my nominating her then making a deal with her and stick to it just to make her choose (lolz), and ruined all of that. <3  Still, she's great.

Narissa - IS NARISSA MISTY?  Misty is for real one of my favorite people on the board.  All around awesome person, and I love talking to her.  If Narissa is Misty, I wish I had really talked to her earlier in the game.  I would've jumped at the chance to work with her.  Given the option, I would always work with Misty.  Even if Narissa isn't Misty... I guess kind of like Olaf.  Once that barrier was broken, she became a different person entirely.  From short, generic messages to, like, a really cool person.  Unfortunately, by the time I really talked to her, I was already working with Gaston (maybe not unfortunately... Gaston has been a great ally, even if at first it was because he just couldn't catch me).  Still... while I really hope Gaston and I are final 2, a small part of me is kind of rooting for Narissa (preferably with her winning the final HOH, not with Gaston winning and choosing her instead of me).

Gaston - I really don't know who Gaston is... Justin, Neil, Tom, even Henry... they've all crossed my mind.  Based on what he said about a concert that should end before the challenge, I'd guess he's in the UK.  So, maybe Neil.  OR WHAT IF HE'S PETE?  Based on his response to Mulan, Neil or Tom would make more sense.  Based on the concert thing (and some comments his past challenge), Neil would make more sense.  Regardless... We've come this far in the game, I've even voted to evict Elsa for him... So if I win the final HOH, I'm taking him.  Whether or not he takes me?  I'm really not sure.  To be fair, allying with me has been really good protection throughout this game (though I could say the same about him).  Still, he's been a great ally throughout this game, has given me tons of information that proved incredibly valuable, and I've really enjoyed talking to him.  Not gonna lie, there have been times I've doubted him... but he's come through.  So, thank you, Gaston.  You're awesome.

Dodger - A zoo only had a dog on exhibit. It was a shih tzu.

This game has been a lot of fun.  Thank you, Kathy, for inviting me.  Thank you, Mel, for bantering with me.  Thank you, Nat, for lol'ing at me. <3

Final 2 - The Duel

Gaston and Dodger

You two have made it as far as you could. Congratulations on making it to the finals. The power now shifts to the 12 people you aided in evicting. You will have to convince them that YOU, deserve their vote to win this game.

We will start with opening statements. Once those are done, the jurors will have 72 hours to comment and ask questions. You cannot vote during that 72 hour period. I will let you know when voting begins.

About the vote. There are 12 jurors so the potential for a tie can happen. In the event of a tie, the last vote cast will be voided. This means that once voting opens, I urge you to vote as fast as you can.

Good Luck and thank you all for a good season <3

Now there's only one thing left to do. Please join us at 9:30 p.m. EST on Sunday July 31st as we crown our winner for this 3rd instalment of NatKat Big Brother.
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Neal Cassidy
Neal Cassidy

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally   Sun 31 Jul - 20:43:38

Best love story since Jon and Talisa
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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally   Sun 31 Jul - 20:54:25

Jon and Talisa will always be number one <3
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally   

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Episode #14 - When Harry Met Sally
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