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 Episode #5 - ... ..... . ...

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #5 - ... ..... . ...   Mon 18 Jul - 23:51:34

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #5 - ... ..... . ...

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, we move along the little game train and head towards goodbye station. It will be the end for a 4th player in this episode.

We start off tonight with the 4th Head of Household challenge.

Quote :
Mulan's Diary Room

Things are heating up, I can feel it in the air. I am getting very close to my fellow Disney princess Pocahontas. She is probably the person I speak to the most right now and we agree, to be honest with one another. I like her a lot but I think she may be a bit under the radar meaning she won't go for HoH much.

We have the idea to set up an all girl alliance. We have both been speaking to Boo frequently and I have been speaking to Queen Narissa quite a bit and she has been speaking to Lady T (I cannot be bothered to say her name) lady T would be the mom of the group cause she is very old - almost ancient.

Anyway, that is the idea.

I stupidly voted to evict Gaston, but he seems to think I kept him <333 no water on my back.

Quote :
Lady Tremaine's Diary Room

I am going to try this thing called "throwing challenges" from now on. See how I do.

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

Anyway, all seems well enough.  Gaston and I seem more solid than before, I've gotten to talk to most everyone in the game... Woody terrifies me (respect, Woody).  I hope I'm not the one who gets Woodied.  There was a really good dirty joke there, but I refrained for YOU, Gretmel. cheers Also, I listened to the Hilary Duff song and actually remembered it from back in the day. Lady has info from Gaston every round, Gaston says he never hears from Lady. Interesting. Told Scott Calvin I'd vote to save him but he also kind of asked for a definitive answer. Told Woody I was voting Hopper. Lady and Gaston probably aren't gonna say anything because it would out what's happening there. If anyone says anything, it'll be Woody saying I voted Hopper, and gaston already knows I told someone I was voting Hopper. So assuming this vote is reasonably split, it shouldn't blow up on me. But we'll see. I'm voting Scott Calvin because he's active but his interaction with me is minimal and I have no clue where he stands (but presumably more active for others), whereas Hopper - though mostly inactive - is an easy target to nominate should I win (going for HOH next btw).

*Mulan and Woody chat on the way*

Mulan: "I am not on the majority in this game so please don't assume I am speaking to everyone and I know everything. I really just need to win HOH to get some Intel. "

Woody: "Ok great! Good luck on hoh hopefully you will win."

Mulan: "Do you think we should start thinking about an alliance?"

Woody: "I think it's a great idea is there anyone you had in mind?"

Mulan: "Well I have been speaking to Boo a little bit and Pocahontas here and there. Those are two I would consider working with.

What about you?"

Woody: "I have talked to both of them quite a bit as well I think the four of us would be great."

Mulan: "I am unsure about the four of us, do you not have anyone from your end that you can bring in? Me/Boo/You and someone else. Dodger? I assume you guys are some what together cause he used the veto on you?"

Woody: "Dodger is nice I think he would be great."

Mulan: "Okay should I speak to Boo and you Dodger? What about Scott, he seems to be active and might be somewhat on the outs? Sorry, I am being annoying I am just getting paranoid that there's already a big alliance in this game and I am on the outs."

Woody: "I haven't heard anything about a big alliance."

They arrive in the backyard with the rest.

Andalasia/Earth Challenge #4 - Disney Movie Rewards

Redeem your codes!

Before we get to the challenge, I have a small announcement to make.

Usually in NatKat Big Brother, the punishment when people fail to vote is to ban them from playing the following Head of Household. People who fail to vote multiple times eventually just get expelled. The twist this season, there was one aspect I guess I didn't fully think through because HOH and Veto are at the same time, same challenge. That said, we will be removing the punishment of not being able to play for Veto. I repeat, you can't play for HOH and if you fail to vote 3 times, you are expelled, but we will allow you to play for the Veto.

Do not forget to post if you're playing for Andalasia (HOH) or Earth (Veto). Lady Tremaine and Elsa, you still have to say you're playing for Earth if you choose to submit. I know you can only play for that but rules are rules, so be sure to specify or I will ignore your submission. Everyone has to decide before deadline is up.

On to the challenge.

Tonight you want to solve the code puzzles I will post in order to "redeem" your Disney Movie Rewards points. In 10 minutes, I will post a list of codes. They will all equal to a word or words. You have to figure it out and send me the answers. I will give you an example.


The answer would be Glad (the thing with this one is that the word is backwards)

It will vary for each code, so you will have to try and figure it out.


- You can only submit once
- You submit in your Diary Room
- Spelling counts
- Most correct in shortest amount of time wins
- You have 30 minutes

Lady Tremaine: "Oh thank you Miss Emma and I promise never to miss the deadline again. I'm old after all, tend to forget things."


1- 1618914351919

2- cdaeswtgloe

3- ......

4- 888-444-555-555-2-444-66

5- eennachdt

Queen Narissa: "WTF"

Scott Calvin: "Same thought here"

Gaston: "Shocked"

Woody: "What happens if nobody can figure out the challenge?"

Emma Swan: "I'll give hints. Neal got 4/5 in minutes so I know you guys can do it. Just think about it, 2-3 of them are actually kind of easy."

Elsa: "......"

Lady Tremaine: "Any hints for number 2? Laughing"

Elsa: "Here

... ..... . ..."

Dodger: "...





both of you"

Lady Tremaine: "Oh my. Bad doggie. Laughing"


1- Princess
2- Castle
3- Fairy
4- Villain
5- Enchanted


1 - Letters to their number in the alphabet
2 - Take out the 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc letters
3 - Number of dots corresponds to a number. Numbers are letters in alphabetical order
4 - Old school texting. You had to hit 8 3 times to get V, etc.
5 - It's just scrambled

I will be back soon with your new Head of Household


With all 5 correct and a timestamp of 21:06:00



Congrats <3

I will go make you a thread in the appropriate section. Please post your nominations tonight, as soon as you can.

Woody: "Congrats Dodger!!!!"

Olaf: "Congratulations Dodger!!"

Scott Calvin: "Good job Dodger!"

Elsa: "Congrats Dodger."

Dodger: "Wow I didn't expect to win that at all. Thank you everyone."

Mulan: "Suoer congrats cause that was hard!"

Queen Narissa: "Congrats Dodger"

Gaston: "Congrats Dodger!"

Lady Tremaine: "Good job pooch!"

Pocahontas: "Nice job. Those were tough!"

As per each time a challenge ends, the house broke apart and started sucking up to the head of household.

Mulan: "Have you spoken to Dodger about what we spoke about?"

Woody: "Not yet I think you should contact him."

Mulan: "No, it's better coming from you because you guys have already spoken about things. He used his idol on you."

Woody: "I know I will put in a good word for you but I think he's less likely to put you up if you send a congratulations pm."

Quote :
Mulan's Diary Room

Okay here we go, now the game is really starting. So, Boo comes out and lays her cards straight on the table and tells us of private rooms with:
Boo / Woody / Hopper
Boo / Woody / Scott

Lol, I knew I was not incorrect for naturally assuming there would be a Pixar alliance.

Anyway, we are putting the plan in motion that will basically see us split up and protect each other in our new alliances. because we know Dodger used the Veto on Woody we have to assume there is some kind of loyalty there so...

Queen Narissa/Lady T/ Pocahontas/ Mulan

Those are the two alliances. So an all girl one and then a mixed one. It leaves Elsa, Olaf & Gaston on the outskirts so we can basically take them out in the coming rounds. Then we get both alliances to turn on one another and we sit in the middle until the time is right.

It's a great plan, The Spice Girls are here to slay.

I instantly tell Queen Narissa that we should get an alliance going and she loves the idea. So much that she set's up a room in 0.5 seconds. I need to make her believe that the alliance is completely her idea so that she thinks she is top dog. She strikes me as someone who feels the need to be the one in charge.

So now there is a separate room consisting of Me/Lady T/ Pocs/ QN. I just need to keep the target off of Boo's back.

Now I have told Woody that me/boo/dodger and he should team up. I dropped out Scott because I think he is probably useless. And he tells me his in going to speak to Dodger about it and see what he thinks. Again, I make it seem like it is both mine and Woody's idea.

So right now, I am sitting pretty. I have also been speaking to Elsa a lot more and I think she will come in handy later down the line.

Hours and hours later in the backyard.

Lady Tremaine: "Where are those darn nominations lol"

Queen Narissa: "IDK but its getting on my nerves"

Woody is a busy cowboy but he knows better than to ignore the Head of Household.

Woody: "Great job!!! Do you know what you are going to do?"

Dodger: "No I don't. Do you have any ideas? Mulan messages me saying she talked to and wanted to work with you and you mentioned me. But I don't know how you feel about that. Whether you meant it or were just trying to appease her.


Woody: "Is there anybody you have not talked to at all?"

Dodger: "Mulan is the only person I haven't talked to at all until tonight. But most people I haven't talked to much."

Woody: "Yeah it's better to nominate people you barely talk to at this point."

Dodger was ready to nominate.

Dodger - Head of Household

Please post your 2 nominees on this thread tonight as early as you can so I can announce veto before my old fart bed time.

Dodger: "Great picture of me Emma.

Let's get right to it.  The two people I'm nominating are the 2 people I've talked to the least in this game.  I looked through my PMs and counted them all to make sure.  With that said...

Here's your key.

And a key for you.

Maybe hang it around your neck so you don't lose it?


And another key

And another!

Yours has a knife attached to stab Cinderella with.

One for you too.

Regretfully nominated are:




Again this is nothing personal.  It's really just that I haven't talked to either of you much at all.  I hope that changes and I will apologize profusely for this when and if it does.

Good luck!"

The house looks on in shock as Emma comes in to announce the Veto winner.

*Lady T to Queen N*

Lady Tremaine: "Hopefully you won veto and can pull Mulan off the block. Or she won it herself and use it. I know I didn't, took too long to figure out #2"

Queen Narissa: "I didnt get number 2 either, Mulan went for HOH. I kinda hope I didnt win so I dont have to put a target on myself and Mulan"

Lady Tremaine: "Yea I said so on the group chat. Better that nominations stay the same and we work on getting the votes for Mulan to stay."

*Mulan looks at Woody*

Mulan: "So wait a minute, me and boo get put up even though me and you were supposed to work with boo and dodger?"

Woody: "He said you and boo were the two he talked to the least."

Mulan: "I am so upset lol there is no way I will stay"


The winner of the Power of Veto is


Congratulations. Please post your decision at your earliest convenience. Voting deadline will be 8:00 p.m. EST tomorrow. If we're both in bed by the time this all happens, you now the drill. If veto is used, Dodger you have to replace and then everyone can start voting. If veto isn't used, you can all just start voting.

Lady Tremaine: "Good job Elsa!"

Woody: "Great job Elsa!!!"

Queen Narissa: "Congrats Elsa"

Olaf: "Thanks for the key!! Congratulations Elsa!!"

Gaston: "Thanks for the key!

Congratulations, Elsa!"

Pocahontas: "Thanks Dodger and congrats to you and Elsa. Smile"

Elsa has the night to sleep on it and talk to her pals.

Lady Tremaine: "How are you feeling? Do you think Elsa will use the veto on you?"

Boo: "I've never spoken to her, so I'm not expecting anything. I'm leaving for sure, and perhaps it's best, I won't be able to get online much for the next 5 days. Which is a shame cause I was really enjoying it. I do intend to leave a parting gift for Dodger though Wink. In fact, I'll post it now before he even has a chance to pick another nominee lmao"

Lady Tremaine: "Sorry you wont be around Sad let me know what you want me to do.

I wonder who Dodger would nominate as a replacement"

Boo: "I enjoyed working with you Lady T <3 . My plan was to go as far as possible with you. I'd set up a really good side alliance with Mulan and Pocahontas, while also keeping tabs on Woody and Scott. We could have ruled this game Very Happy"

Mulan was powdering her face when Pocahontas came to join her feather in hand. Oh my!

Mulan: "I really hope that I can stay over Boo, we need to try and get Elsa to use her veto on me. I probably stand a better chance of her using it than Boo?

I mentioned a four piece alliance of Narrisa and You with her and me (this was awhile ago) so I guess the best thing to do is for you to mention it? Do you think Dodger would refrain from putting you up if I was to be taken off?"

Pocahontas: "Can you believe how many things we're in right now? lol

You're my go-to number one. I just want you to know that. I think we have good stuff going for us in this game. Smile

We just have to be honest with each other and stick tight.

I'm still wary of the Dodger and Woody connection because Woody knew you and Boo were tight. And Boo had been talking to Woody some before and probably mentioned to him that she's spoken briefly to Scott and liked him. So then Dodger comes out of nowhere, wins stuff,  saves Woody and then in turn puts you and Boo up? It all just seems sketchy and I will be wary of telling Woody things now. because of it."

Mulan: "I was going to say the same thing to you earlier. You are 100% my go to girl right now too, I trust you more than anyone so have no problem being honest.

We need to be careful. I am super worried about Woody now but when you think about it Dodger makes no sense at all. I tried to look at the strategy and it's really muddled. He can't be working with Gaston because Gaston put Woody up. However there is defo something fishy about that vote and I will be keeping a real close eye on Dodger from her on out.

We need to get Boo into that women's alliance but we can't push for it without seeming obvious. Oh, I don't know if it's a coincidence but I found it odd that Narissa got the answer for 2. Now I could just be being paranoid but say she had a room with Dodger? She passed some of the answers through or something?

It was just a thought because I was confused to how T and Narissa didn't help me at all during that whole challenge."

Pocahontas: "Ooo possibly. Maybe Dodger is with the two ladies and somehow Woody pulled Dodger too. Becausr Woody asked me today if "we can save Boo, would that be ok?" or something like that even though I felt like he'd already know where the vote is heading... And Gaston was an enigma to me, but I am becoming less wary of him now that Dodger and Woody are who I'm worried about. Gaston put Woody up and he's been talking to me consistently throughout the game, so I trust him somewhat. I feel like it's very possible for the girls to be with Dodger and Woody...

And Woody the other day told me he's talked to you and asked what I thought of an alliance with you, me, him, and Boo and then right after he's saved by Dodger and then Dodger nominates you two. Very fishy. And Narissa and Tremaine have been sort of tight-lipped about what they're doing this game to be honest. I trust Boo a lot and trust Elsa perhaps more than the queen and lady..."

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

Elsa the human mail box used the freaking veto.... TBH I didn't even know she was willing to do that... Puts a huge target on herself. This is a different game. It's still fairly early and people have been using veto... I respect that.

Does this mean I could somehow get Scott Calvin (presumably my enemy) up and out of the house?? Hmmmm... I need to get to work....

Orrrr I could tell him I'll make it up to him by swinging votes in his favor. Hmmmm

We shall see.

Dodger and Gaston have a chat while laying in the HOH bed together. Gaston gently rubs Dodger's belly. Hey, whatever keeps you safe.

Dodger: "Scott will be my replacement if Elsa uses the POV. But Scott is also the one who offered to not nominate me so I don't want to risk him being taken off the block.

Elsa is ridiculous. But I have an idea of who she is and if I'm right, she's trustworthy and very nice. And I somehow doubt she's especially close with anyone since she comes across as randomly banging on the keyboard sometimes."

Gaston: "Then fingers crossed she won't use the veto. I don't think she will though?

I don't have the slightest clue who she could be, bro. I'm terrible at guessing, but some people are really obvious. I've spoken to her sporadically and even then it's usually one word answers. I don't know."

Dodger: "You don't want Scott nominated? He's probably gunning for you already. I won't nominate him if you don't want me to though.

I think she might use the POV. Also some people are obvious but I think there's a strategy element to letting people guess who you are without ever saying it. Either way there's no way to be sure until the end."

Gaston: "I'd be thrilled with him nominated. Sorry, I guess I didn't quite understannd what you meant.

I'll let you know if she says anything to me. We have a room now. I just asked her what she was thinking.

Yeah, sometimes people knowing your identity is great, but if you're hated or feared on the board, that's another story. Ha!"

Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

So, Scott will be my replacement if Elsa uses the POV (but I have a hunch she's in bed right now...).

I'm really not sure whether or not Boo is Pete (he'd be in bed right now, too... stupid non-Americans).  Pete is pooping awesome, and I love working with him.  So I felt bad about that, but... we work together in so many games, may as well be at odds once, right?  But Elsa, if she is who I think she is, will use the POV for someone (I hope for Boo).  And she was messaging me during the challenge (pretty sure she knows who I am but I'm trying hard to pretend I don't suspect who she is... and I could be wrong - but if I'm right, she's someone I know well and trust, PROVIDED she doesn't think I know who she is)/I had a feeling she won the POV based on what she said.  

Scott is the person I've talked to the 3rd least, so my justification holds.  Sort of a clumsy backdoor attempt relying on way too many variables, but we'll see if it works.  Also gives incentive for people to talk to me.  

I'm still curious about Lady Tremaine and Gaston thing.  Lady Tremaine is suddenly against Gaston now.  Not sure if that's genuine or a lie.  Interesting, though.

Olaf likes warm hugs, btw.

Elsa was ready to announce the veto decision.

Elsa: "Thanks guys. Ok I've decided to


Lady Tremaine: "Congrats! "

Mulan: "Thank you very much Elsa <3"

*Queen N to Lady T*

Queen Narissa: "Maybe he will put Olaf up since he was the last person he gave a key to"

Lady Tremaine: "I asked him and he told me he was thinking Scott if the veto was used. Hope he keeps his word and doesnt backdoor me"

Queen Narissa: "Scott is kind of inactive so that would be a good choice

So Boo is scared of me so shes probaly scared of you to

Scott made a comment about me giving you an apple so he might nominate you

So if those 2 our up we just have to decide which is more of threat"

Lady Tremaine: "Where did he make that comment? I never liked him. I said if I won HOH again I would put him up no doubt about it."

Queen Narissa: "In a pm, dont tell him I told you though then he will know we are working together"

*They smile and wink at each other*

Dodger: "Same line of reasoning I nominate

The nominations are set in stone

Boo & Scott Calvin you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday June 1st to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you won't be able to be Head of Household.

Scott Calvin: "Wow. That's a huge blindside. How can you say that. You've let me on pretty well that we were tight."

Elsa: "Like together?"

Scott Calvin: "Yea. He truly made me think he wouldn't put me up. Great poker face Man."

It was time to talk votes, I'm sure everyone was super excited.

Boo: "I hope you can keep me over that fake Santa"

Woody: "Of course I am keeping you you were the first person I talk to I am going to do everything I can to make sure you are safe."

*Scott walks in*

Woody: "I am sorry to see you guys up."

Scott Calvin: "Dodger is a snake. The way we've been talking in PM'd would never suggest he'd put me up. I honestly want to be here but I know boo wants to be here too"

In the kitchen, Queen N is doing the dishes when Lady T comes in.

Lady Tremaine: "Ok both of them are up. Vote Boo who has given up, or Scott who could be a threat to us?"

Queen Narissa: "Either one is fine with me"

*Queen N leaves*

Boo then turns to Lady T who is making tea in the kitchen.

Boo: "Actually, Lady T . While I can't participate in any challenges, I can certainly vote as I have internet access at work. If you keep me in, I can vote any way you like in future evictions <3

Plus I'm not a fan of that fake Santa, so if I can help get him out, then it's a bonus xxx"

Lady Tremaine: "Yes I wanted to keep you since I dont talk to Scott at all Laughing"

Olaf feeling a little out of the loop decide to have a chat with the house cowboy.

Woody: "Hey olaf do you have any thoughts on the vote?"

Olaf: "I've talked with boo but not a lot. What do you think?"

Woody: "I am thinking about voting Scott."

Olaf: "I think that sounds like a plan."

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

People are telling me they're voting for Scott (obviously)... I'm going to boo and telling her I'm doing "everything I can to save her"... And every so often I'm sending her people I "convinced" to vote and keep her. Later I will tell Scott he's going home... In the event there's a competition that brings him back... I gotta be prepared because I don't trust y'all.

After some back and forth, it was now time to vote.

Eviction Ceremony #4

HOH - Dodger
Nominees - Boo and Mulan
POV - Elsa (Used on Mulan)
Nominees - Boo and Scott Calvin

For one of you, the enchantment ends here.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you for playing. Bye, Santa. First unanimous vote of the game.

Challenge in an hour.

Pocahontas: "Bye Scott!"

Elsa: "Bye Scott."

Olaf: "Bye Scott!"

Dodger: "Bye Scott!

Congrats on staying Boo! Please don't kill me."

Gaston: "Goodbye Scott!"

Scott Calvin: "Dodger, you're a piece of BACK AT IT AGAIN!

Everyone else, it was awesome getting to know every single one of you. I wish I could've played longer, but a little dog decided to crush my hopes and dreams for no reason. You cannot trust him"

Elsa: "Back at it again? Lol."

Dodger: "Censors Elsa.  Another word for poop I think. Not to be confused with poop on."

Elsa: "Right. Thanks Dodger."

Scott Calvin: "Well then *covers boos ears* poop on you dodger!"


Scott Calvin: "Holy motherfucking good time BOOTY HOLD THE DOOR damn to hell vagina penis licker.  Clit A zoo only had a dog on exhibit. It was a shih tzu. AMERICA"

Dodger: "You found one they missed!"

Neal Cassidy: "Okay, security is coming to get you."

*Woody looks over at Boo*

Woody: "Congrats on staying"

Boo: "Thanks Woody <3"

Quote :
Elsa's Diary Room

Ugh I'm here is this week's.

So we have our Queens and Princess alliance that is Neal's lol. I got veto and has to save Mulan. She couldn't go. Lol no. Gaston and I are good too. I'm trying to not be seen as a threat but I'm kind of social right now lol. Voted Scott. Why? Never talked to him or Boo.

As Scott gets escorted out, the rest of the house guests go relax and get ready for the next showdown. Who will fall next? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted.
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Episode #5 - ... ..... . ...
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