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 Episode #1 - Two Bit Hoe

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #1 - Two Bit Hoe   Fri 8 Jul - 21:40:51

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #1 - Two Bit Hoe

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, you will get a chance to meet the cast and see relationships blossom.

Let's take a look at everyone arriving on site.

Welcome to Woolworth Building.

Use this thread to get to know one another. I will update the character list as people register.






John Smith


Lady Tremaine




Queen Narissa

Scott Calvin


Quote :
Woody's Diary Room

Since I am the first to show up I will give you the first confessional I am going to pm everybody this time and make sure they know I am the perfect toy to play with.

Woody: "Howdy everybody!"

Boo: "Mike Wazowski"

Woody: "Howdy Boo"

Boo: "Hi , Have you seen this meanie ? pale


Scott Calvin: "Randall is on my naughty list, so if you don't mind I'll send him a fur shredder and a hate note from you.

Hello Woody. Nice to see you went to a lovely home after the elves made you"

Woody: "Howdy Scott how are you?"

Hopper: "Woody and Boo! Got some fellow pixar characters in this Gretel.

Whats up everyone."

Scott Calvin: "Hi Hopper! You're also on my naughty list!

Hello Woody! You know people say I sound a lot like your friend Buzz. There's even an inside joke that I was a toy superhero in my past life because of it. Neal says, "Two infinity and beyond!" To me anytime I go see him and Laura"

Hopper: "Scott, reconsider and put me on the "good list." Please and thank you Smile"

Lady Tremaine: "Hello darlings. Dont be fooled by the servants that I got, I am still Tremmy from the block."

Woody: "Hello Woody! You know people say I sound a lot like your friend Buzz. There's even an inside joke that I was a toy superhero in my past life because of it. Neal says, "Two infinity and beyond!" To me anytime I go see him and Laura
You sound exactly like Buzz it must be magic or something."

Scott Calvin: "Just this once Hopper

Tremmy I've got my eye on you"

Boo: "Lady Tremaine quoting J-Lo  / an evil Gretel quoting a sexy Gretel . I guess that works lmao . Sorry for the bad words , I'm only 4 , I heard grown-ups say those words and I'm not sure what they mean Very Happy"

Lady Tremaine: "Yes, bad Boo! That's not how ladies talk! Dont worry, I can teach you how to be a proper lady."

Olaf: "Hi, everyone. I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

Woody: "Welcome Olaf!!!!"

Boo: "Olaf <3 , will you melt when the sun shines ? Sad"

Olaf: "Sad got many ice packs ready."

Boo: "My mom told me that "woody" is also a bad word, so I don't want to talk to that cowboy ! Is that Santa ?

Santa ? Santa ? Santa ? Did you get my letter ?"

Queen Narissa: "Good Evening everyone"

Olaf: "All hail the queen!!"

Kaa: "Hello everyone...I am Kaa. I am friendly so please message me if you'd like to chat."

Lady Tremaine: "Hey new people!"

Kaa: "Hello my lady."

Elsa: "Hello everyone."

Olaf: "Hello new people!!"

John Smith: "Good day everyone. My apologies for being late to the party. I'm free to chat for the ladies..and the gentlemen."

Elsa: "Heh Olaf and Mr Smith."

Queen Narissa: "Hello all"

Elsa: "Hello Queen Marissa. You good?"

Scott Calvin: "Hello new people. I'd hate to be in Pocahontas and John's HoH room"

Kaa: "I am so happy to be here. I am all about making people smile and laugh!"

Scott Calvin: "I'm not falling for your tricks Kaa. You know what they say about snakes in a reality competition. Where's your rat?"

Dodger: "kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss Hiya

Anyone want to share some hotdogs?"

Scott Calvin: "I guess!"

Olaf: "As long as you aren't eating carrots were good!!"

Kaa: "I won't be"

Boo: ""

Mulan: "Hello, everyone. It is an honor to be here, hope I'm not too late to the party?"

Scott Calvin: "Hi Mulan!"

Mulan: "Hi Scott, I have never met a non animated person before"

Kaa: "Welcome Mulan"

Mulan: "Kaa I always preferred you over Mushu. So relieved to see he is not here and that you are the only dragon reptile."

Dodger: "Your carrot has style Olaf. Absotivelyposilutely!"

Gaston: "Hey everybody! I'm Gaston."

Pocahontas: "Hello to everyone. Hey John. Wink Sorry to be so fashionably late, but I'm here. Smile"

Scott Calvin: "I've never met an animated person before either!"

Quote :
Kaa's Diary Room

I need to be a nice snake...

Quote :
Lady Tremaine's Diary Room

Doubt I'll do great in this one lol. I am busy with something else cough cough. But we'll see how I do...

Peasants, the lot of them.

Quote :
Olaf's Diary Room

Hello I am Olaf and I love warm hugs! I am just glad to be doing something without Anna and Elsa. I should have been the star of that movie but I was robbed. They even stole and changed my song it was to be let it snow but they changed it to let it go. I think I'll stay low to the ground I will call it my melted stance so I don't look like a threat.

It was now time for everyone to find out the twist of the season.

Andalasia/Earth Twist

Before we get into the Twist details, for those unfamiliar with the movie Enchanted, here's a brief description.

Quote :
In the land of "Andalasia", a drawn cartoon fairy tale world, in which there are talking animals and "happy endings", the evil Queen Narissa fears that her stepson Prince Edward will soon find his true love, which means that her position on the throne would be taken over. In the forest in a cottage, a girl named Giselle and her animal friends are making a statue of a prince she dreamed about. Meanwhile Edward and Nathaniel, Queen Narissa's henchman, successfully capture a troll, (which is a way to prevent Edward from meeting a girl) but Edward hears Giselle singing "true love" and rides off to find her. Knowing Narissa's wishes, Nathaniel sets the troll free to get rid of Giselle, but Edward saves her just in time. When they meet, they instantly fall in love and plan to get married the following day.

However, Narissa had witnessed everything in her crystal ball, so she meets Giselle while the peasant runs off to marry Edward. Narissa, disguised as an old hag, tricks Giselle and exiles her to the real world of Earth by falling through a portal in a well that leads to a sewer hole in New York City's Times Square. Meanwhile, a divorce lawyer named Robert prepares to propose to his longtime girlfriend Nancy, much to the dismay of Morgan, his young daughter who thinks she'll be an evil stepmother. While Robert and Morgan are heading home, they see a confused Giselle trying to enter a brightly lit pink castle on a billboard which she has mistaken for the Andalasian palace. Luckily, Robert rescues her after she falls off, and he begrudgingly lets Giselle to stay at his apartment at the insistence of his daughter. Morgan thinks Giselle is a princess because of her wedding gown. As Giselle sleeps on the couch, Robert feels sorry for her.

Pip, Giselle's best chipmunk friend from Andalasia, witnessed the events of Giselle's fall through the portal and alerts Edward to it, (there is a short film of how that happened) so they embark on a rescue mission. Narissa sends Nathaniel through the well to stop Edward. In a restaurant, Narissa appears to Nathaniel in a soup pot and gives him three poisoned apples to get rid of Giselle. Pip eavesdrops on the conversation and Edward is unaware that Nathaniel is trying to eliminate chipmunk to stop him from helping Giselle. Meanwhile, Giselle accidentally makes the confused Nancy to think Robert is cheating on her. Robert decides to keep Giselle close by, knowing she needs help. Giselle questions the divorce lawyer about his relationship with Nancy, and decides to help the pair reconcile by sending heart shaped flowers and tickets to the "King and Queen's Costume Ball" to Nancy. A great parade sings through New York (That's How You Know) making everyone sing and dance along and making them extremely happy.

This season, you will have to choose between worlds when participating in the Head of Household challenge.

What do I mean by this? Simply put, you will be playing for HOH and for the Power of Veto at the same time.

Andalasia = Head of Household
Earth = Power of Veto

When I post the challenge, you will have to decide if you want to go for Head of Household or if you want to go for Veto. You must specify "Andalasia" and "Earth" when submitting.

The Veto winner will not be notified and it will remain a mystery until nominations are posted by the Head of Household. This will be what puts new dynamics into this season because you could very well be nominating the person who has won the power of veto.

Once nominations are posted, I will then post the power of veto winner and the rest of the round will play out like normal.

It's to be noted that if no one plays for Head of Household or Power of Veto, the winner will be determined by

Scott Calvin: "Ooh how exciting! I think Allison Grodner needs you"

Pocahontas: "Oh wow Emma. I love it! Smile"

John Smith: "Nice."

Elsa: "Oh interesting."

Lady Tremaine: "Interesting twist indeed. Should make the season go a lot faster"

Boo: "I have a question Very Happy

What would happen if all the players opted to go for veto, and no-one went for HoH ? What would happen then ?"

Mulan: "We all face elimination in another shock twist?"

Queen Narissa: "I think if no one goes for the HOH or the Veto then it is"

Olaf: "A super twist."

Emma Swan: "Yes exactly Narissa, it goes to"

Quote :
Boo's Diary Room

OK , start of the game , trying to make sure I don't "type" in my usual way etc etc. Got a message from Hopper , asking for a "pixar" alliance , sounds good to me ! Someone picked Kaa !! That's awesome , I was so close to picking him this time round lol , but the idea of a snake as a character might put a lot of people off ! urrghhh , someone picked that character from Frozen ! Such a BACK AT IT AGAIN movie. Not impressed with the overall choice of characters actually lol. Pocahontas and John Smith ? really ?? I can't think of a more boring animated film in the disney collection. I hope Gaston stays in character, that could be funny lmao. Gonna watch the movie "Enchanted" , just in case....I have to admit, I'm not exactly looking ofrward to it lol.

*Boo watches Enchanted*

hahahahahahahahaha , the way the prince says Giselle , sounds like jizzum lolololol , can't stop laughing !!!!

Quote :
Hopper's Diary Room

I know barely anybody signed up yet, but I'm going to assemble a PIXAR alliance. I'm taking this BACK AT IT AGAIN seriously bro.

I reached out to Woody already. I'm gunna be slick and cool in this game. You gotta watch out for this hot BACK AT IT AGAIN right now. It's on fire right now. Hopper is on. fire. right. now.

Thank you.

Also btw it's a beautiful thing that we can't see each other's post count. I hope it stays that way.

Woody, Boo and Hopper went back to the main room after the twist announcement.

Woody: 'Howdy boo and Hopper!!"

Boo: "If we meet another Pixar character , can we just add him/her to this room, or we have to start a whole new room ?"

Hopper: "We should be able to just add them here probably. Hey everyone!"

Boo: "It's official , we're the only pixar characters. Sucks ! Anyone manage to make contact with any other character yet ?"

Hopper: "Any ideas for who we should try to reach out to? How about Elsa or Olaf? Maybe we can do a 3d Computer Animation alliance hahahha"

Boo: "Elsa ? That two bit hoe from Frozen ?"

Woody: "I talked to olaf. What do you guys think of the twist."

Boo: "it's different Wink

looking forward to the start of the game, should be fun."

Woody: "Yeah it will be interesting for sure. Good luck you guys"

Boo excuses herself and goes to grab some fruit punch juice. She sees Kaa and takes him aside.

Boo: "Hi Kaa ,
I asked for this room cause I have huge respect for anyone who picks a "snake" character for a mystery game <3 , I want to be on the snake's good side lmao"

Kaa: "I am a nice snake though, Yeah, I thought about that too, but what the heck. If you can't have fun with this game, then it isn't worth playing. I hope we can be friends. Message me anytime."

Boo: "I hope we can work together <3 . On a side note , I did not like the way you were voiced by bimbo Johannsson in the new respect Sad"

Kaa: "Yeah I agree, but the rest of the movie was fabulous!"

Boo: "agreed, don't know why it received so much hate"

Kaa: "A lot of people saw it. It had to be the best CGI I have ever seen in a movie. The animals looked so real."

Boo: "I liked how it was a little more faithful to the original source , how they bowed before the elephants and so on"

Kaa: "The elephants were awesome!"

On her way back to bed, she runs into Lady Tremaine.

Boo: "Hey Lady Wink
I hope you don't mind that I asked for this room , you did promise to teach how to be a proper lady !"

Lady Tremaine: "Hey! I dont mind at all. It's good to have a place to talk!"

Boo: "Marvelous ! It's very strange at the start of the game...the players are all more or less very reserved , some try to stay in character etc , it's difficult to assess everyone."

Lady Tremaine: "Yea I dont bother trying to stay in character. Not for too long anyway Laughing

I've only been approached by you and Queen Narissa so far"

Boo: "I've spoken to you, Woody and Hopper. Had a quick chat with Kaa, simply telling him how impressed I was that he pick a snake as a character! Very brave in a mystery game!"

Lady Tremaine: "Well I hope one of us wins HOH tonight. You have my word I am not putting you up if I win"

Boo: "Would you try for HoH? Not Veto?
The way I see it, winning veto is better. If you're put up by HoH, you save yourself. If not, you leave as is. Less hassle, no pressure, no future vindication cause you're not nominating anyone."

Lady Tremaine: "I guess it doesnt matter. We'll see what kind of challenge it is. If it's long/complicated, I'll go for HOH, but if it's quick and easy, then veto"

Boo: "Here's one for the hell of it, and I'll answer it too. If you won HoH tonight, who would you nominate?

I would nominate :
Gaston & Pocahontas

simply because they haven't even bothered to pick an avatar yet. It's as good a reason as any Very Happy"

Quote :
Boo's Diary Room

So the three private rooms I am in are the 3 that I asked for. I've posted several things on the main thread , no one can accuse me of being inactive or "floating by"

Will post a few things late afternoon, the FF round is tonight , we'll see if anyone else gets in touch.

Quote :
Elsa's Diary Room

I'm throwing. I don't want to win first. I might try veto. No alliances sofar. Woot said hoody though.

Quote :
Pocahontas's Diary Room

Kinda worried I'm not feeling this game yet. I haven't messaged anyone yet because Idk what to say. I think my mood has been in a funk and I hope I can snap out of it... :/

Who will win the first Andalasia/Earth challenge? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted.
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Episode #1 - Two Bit Hoe
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