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 Episode #6 - Just FYI

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #6 - Just FYI   Sun 24 Jul - 22:45:12

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #6 - Just FYI

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, while the house appears rather quiet and passive, a lot of talks are going on behind closed doors. Let's see if it has an impact on this round.

We start off tonight with the 5th Head of Household challenge.

Quote :
Lady Tremaine's Diary Room

Well I only tried to win that first HOH so I could make some deals. Seem to be working since no one is nominating me so far.

But yea, I have no intention of winning any challenges any time soon. Something will always "come up"

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room
Quote :
Pocahontas wrote:
What do you think of Dodger because he's still somewhat of an enigma to me. He seemingly came out of nowhere, then saved Woody and won HOH. It was kind of surprising to be honest.

I'm going to use this against her one of these days... Let's see who wins HOH first...

Also, lol at Elsa asking if Olaf is okay? Anyone is okay as long as it's not me. LOL! TBH, she's really sweet...

Quote :
Queen Narissa's Diary Room

I think I am in a pretty good spot right now as long as none of the girls decide to backstab.

Andalasia/Earth Challenge #5 - Big Blue Ox

I've got you, Babe.

Welcome, everyone, to another Andalasia/Earth challenge! Tonight, I am drawing inspiration from a challenge that I did back in Season 1 called The Glass Slipper. If you're unfamiliar with it or you didn't follow that season, don't worry because this one will be different. In that challenge, four secret areas were made and each contained several threads. Some of them had glass slippers that you had to "claim". It was like musical chairs. However, you will not be claiming anything in this challenge.

Most people have heard the legend of Paul Bunyan. He was a giant lumberjack who had a trust companion named Babe. Babe was a giant blue ox. Paul needs help from all of you. Somehow, Babe has gone missing! How a giant blue ox got lost is another story, but you need to help Paul Bunyan look for his friend. He's hiding in a forest somewhere.

In ten minutes, I will reveal four secret areas right under the General Area section. It will be right under the "King and Queen's Costume Ball" section and above your diary room. These areas will be "Forest #1", "Forest #2", "Forest #3", and "Forest #4". Forest 1 has 12 threads in it. Forest 2 has 15 threads. Forest 3 has 20 threads. Forest 4 has 50 threads.

A thread either contains a picture of a cow.

Or a picture of Babe, Paul Bunyan's blue ox.

The blue ox is what you want. A single area only contains 1 thread with Babe. For example, that means in Forest #4, there are 49 with the cow and 1 with the blue ox. The blue ox is what you want.

Under every picture of the blue ox, there will be part of a sentence. Once you find the blue ox in each of the four forests, piece the clues together for your task. The clues will be in order. You must complete the task in order to win. Once you complete the task, you must private message me on this forum and tell me that you are done. The first person who completes this for either the HOH or the veto will be awarded that power.

I will make the areas visible in 10 minutes, so use this time to specify whether you are competing for Andalasia or Earth in your challenge area.

Your answers will not be accepted until you specify whether or not you are competing for Andalasia or Earth.


- Forest areas will be visible at 8:40 PM EST.
- Piece together the four clues for your task.
- Complete the task correctly.
- Private message Neal Cassidy when you are done to let him know.
- First person to complete it for their intended power will win.
- DO NOT send your pm before your task is done.
- Ask questions right now if you must.

After some time


I have to say that some of you found a very interesting way to do this challenge.


Congrats! You are the new Head of Household!

I will go make you a thread in the appropriate section. Please post your nominations tonight as soon as you can.

Dodger: "Congrats Elsa!"

Gaston: "Congrats Elsa!"

Olaf: "Congratulations Elsa!!"

Elsa: "Thanks guys.

Hard part now."

Pocahontas: "Congrats Elsa! Smile"

Woody: "Congratulations Elsa"

Queen Narissa: "Congrats Elsa"

Her mind now made up, Elsa was ready to nominate.

Elsa - Head of Household

Please post your 2 nominees on this thread tonight as early as you can.

Pocahontas: "That's the most flattering gif thus far this game! Smile"

Elsa: "Thanks Smile"

Gaston: "How come I didn't get a great gif like that? I mean, I'm beautiful too! Just look at me!


Neal Cassidy: "Your ego's big enough as it is."

Gaston: "That's fair."

Elsa: "Ok so I'm having to go by how I've talked to people so far. I have a target so please don't get mad. It is the game.


Are safe.


Are safe so I'm sorry but

The house looks on, some in shock, some upset, some indifferent.


It is now time to crown our Power of Veto winner.

Now like I said, some people found a very interesting way to do this challenge. Notice how I never said you had to post Babe 35 times in separate posts!

The winner is


Please post your decision at your earliest convenience.

Gaston: "Thank you for the key, Elsa.

Congrats Narissa!"

Woody: "Thanks for the key"

Dodger: "Congrats Queen Narissa!

Thank you for the key Elsa"

Olaf: "Congratulations Queen!!"

Lady Tremaine: "Congratulations Queen N!"

Quote :
Queen Narissa's Diary Room

Ok im not sure but I think P and Boo have an allaince

I also think Elsa and Olaf are working together

Im going to have to keep an eye on them

Lady T sits near Queen N to get some inside info.

Lady Tremaine: "Are you using the veto Queen?"

Queen Narissa: "Sorry no im not going to so are we voting Boo or Olaf"

Lady Tremaine: "Olaf? Have you talked to him before?"

Queen Narissa: "Yes I have some. He asked me to keep him

I didnt see that Boo is elsas target until after I wrote this post. LOL

I just dont want to put is in a bad spot.

I worry P and Boo are together and Elsa and Olaf are together

One other thing, I was wondering if you would be interested in a final 2 with me. I just realized how far we are into the game and I hadnt asked you."

Lady Tremaine: "Oh I am definitely open to a final 2! And yea I wondered about Elsa and Olaf but she put him up so maybe their bond is not very strong?

Why do you think P and Bio are close?"

Queen Narissa: "
P wrote:
Aw I personally like Boo. lol But we'll support whatever you decide Elsa! We have majority voting. That's so impressive!

p wrote:
I like Boo. I think she'll be easy to sway voting-wise.

p wrote:
I like you and Boo a lot

It just seems she is always talking about Boo or rallying for Boo, but it could be her nature, she did the same thing with Gaston"

Lady Tremaine: "Yea Pocahontas worries me, she might have deals with those two now that you mention how she talks about them and tries to save them."

Queen N is ready to let everyone know about the veto.

Queen Narissa: "I decided I am not going to use the veto.

Good luck Boo and Olaf"

The nominations are set in stone

Boo & Olaf, you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 8:00 p.m. EST on Thursday June 2nd to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you won't be able to be Head of Household.

Boo goes to talk to her dear friend Lady T for some comfort.

Boo: "I hope you can keep me again Lady T <3

I don't understand all this hatred for poor Boo Sad

Do they all see me as a threat lol?"

Lady Tremaine: "I am confused too as to why you are a target. With numbers dwindling, you would think people would start going after big threats and making moves.

I am trying to sway the conversation into getting rid of Olaf instead of you. We'll see."

Boo: "Thanks Lady <3"

Meanwhile Mulan and Queen N speak privately.

Mulan: "I think we should keep Boo around, what do you think?"

Queen Narissa: "I dont care who we get rid of, my only worry is if we make Elsa mad will she got to the boys about our allaince"

Mulan: "Yes you're right the choice is in Elsa's hands"

Queen Narissa: "Well I guess that means it will be Boo we needs elsas vote the next round as long as one of us wins hoh"

Mulan: "But we wouldn't need Elsas vote if we had Boo? I am done voting her out I just can't help but feel it's the wrong choice."

Queen Narissa: "I hope its not as long as one of us wins HOH we will be fine. Elsa cant play so that leaves Gaston, Olaf, and Dodger. One of the four of us needs to win, I would say 4 play for HOH and elsa and 1 other play for veto"

Mulan: "Yep, agreed."

Queen Narissa: "I am 100 % loyal to the Heros and Villians. I want all 4 of us in the final 4."

Mulan: "Dodger and Elsa are close just FYI"

Queen Narissa: "Okay"

Olaf and Pocahontas hang out in the kitchen eating ice cream to cool off.

Olaf: "I  hope you will vote to keep me."

Pocahontas: "Yes. Do you know who's keeping you?"

Olaf: "'ve had some say they will consider but nothing official. I'm trying that's all I can do. Have you heard of what anyone else is doing?"

Pocahontas: "I'm hearing Boo is gone and Elsa told me Boo is her target and that they haven't spoken."

Olaf: "Well that's good news. I hope that's true. Thanks for keeping me calm!"

Pocahontas: "I like having you in this game. Smile No worries!"

Olaf: "So kind!!"

Quote :
Olaf's Diary Room

Fine I can give you more. So far pochontas, Woody, dodger, gaston,and Queen have said they are keeping me. I sent messages to the other two but no response so I will see if I make it through this round. I guess I am going to have to try harder at the challenges and posting on here if I stay.

Mulan isn't happy about these nominations.

Mulan: "Ugh, what should we do?"

Pocahontas: "I guess Boo? We can't really stand out and not do it. I'm close enough with Olaf that I can try to sway his votes but I'm really sad about Boo. Sad"

Woody and Dodger are together alone in Elsa's HOH room.

Woody: "Have you heard anything new?"

Dodger: "Everyone I've heard from is voting to evict Boo. Everyone. It might be another unanimous vote."

It was sadly time to say goodbye to one of these two lovely players.

Gaston: "It is not looking good for Boo, unfortunately. People are saying she hasn't reached out to them at all."

Pocahontas: "Aw dang. I like Boo though. We could try for her because she's good for votes. Have you heard anything?"

Gaston: "I asked if people were going to keep Boo, and I heard no. That blows. Did boo message you back? I asked her if she got the votes?"

Pocahontas: "She hasn't. I guess we have to vote her out."

Gaston: "Ah no. Makes me sad."

Eviction Ceremony #5

HOH - Elsa
Nominees - Boo and Olaf
POV - Queen Narissa (Not used)
Nominees - Boo and Olaf

For one of you, the enchantment ends here.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the adorable


I am so sad to see you go. You were honestly such a joy to have in this game and I love how enthusiastic you were. I'm sorry that you had Internet issues recently because you were very active early on. Definitely a fan favorite. Thank you for joining.

Challenge in half an hour.

Quote :
Elsa's Diary Room

Bye Scott. Go HOH Elsa!! I won and ugh I don't want to put up people who may not out me up. Olaf may go up but I sent Boo out. She is social but not to me!! Lol so I'm good with all the house but one. Now Olaf of he is angry. I told him not to be.

Gaston: "Bye Boo!"

Pocahontas: "Bye Boo! Sad"

Olaf: "Bye boo!

Thank you for keeping me!!"

Dodger: "Bye Boo!"

Lady Tremaine: "Goodbye Boo. You will be missed."

Queen Narissa: "Bye Boo"

Boo: "Bye all Sad
Best of luck to the spice girls <3
Curse that mangy flea-ridden mutt and the icy skank Wink"

The youngest person out of the game, will things feel less cute? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted.
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Episode #6 - Just FYI
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