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 Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   Sun 24 Jul - 22:49:01

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, the numbers are dwindling down but a lot of major threats remain.

We start off tonight with a flashback to the creation of the ~Spice Girls~ alliance.


Mulan: "Spicy ladies, I just thought I would let you know that I've voted for Hopper x"

Pocahontas: "Hehe Spicy! Wink

Ok I did as well. Boo- I was telling Mulan this, that for some reason Gaston earlier said to me that he heard Scott was campaigning to leave? I had heard no such thing and Scott actually asked me last night to keep him, so there's something fishy there. I told Gaston as such and that I kepg Scott. I bet it will be another close vote. I hope Scott stays. I am pleased to have the night off. I'll have to miss tomorrow unfortunately. Sad"

Mulan: "I hope Scott stays too, I think Woody voted for him to stay (we have been speaking a bit). Even though I don't know Scott that well it might be good for him to stay so that the heat is taken off of us...Also, have either of you two spoken to Elsa at all? I haven't mentioned us but I have been chatting with her via PM and she would probably fit in well with this powerhouse of women.

Just want to step carefully so nothing gets out about us."

Pocahontas: "I've only spoken to her some. She hasn't been talking to me as much the past two days. I want to get to know her better, but I also want to keep this room and us girls as private as possible. Smile"

Mulan: "Agreed on that, this would be the main room and we could split up in duos into different alliances?"

Pocahontas: "That may not be a bad idea. Smile Where's Boo?! Where you at girl?"

Boo: "Hey girls <3
sorry I wasn't around, I never came back to the forum once I voted cause I knew we had the night off.
I just got a message from Woody, saying the both of you were looking to form an alliance for the 4 of us? I never spoke to woody about our little trio, you have my word!

About side alliances, I've had regular chats with Woody / Hopper / Scott since the start. Rooms as follows:
Me / Woody / Hopper
Me / Woody / Scott

I was also in a room with Kaa, but he never really showed up, and when he was evicted, he said he was too busy anyway to properly take part in the game

I get PMs from Olaf, but he never gives anything away. He looks for info without ever wanting to share.

Never spoken to Elsa

Exchanged a few PMs with Narissa and Dodger, who both seem nice.

Gaston was true to his word, when he was up, I voted for him to stay and for that he promsed he wouldn't put me up if he won HoH. I've kept chats with Woody to a minimum since Dodger saved him with Veto. He claims he was shocked, but I don't believe him. He is now gunning for Gaston"

Mulan: "I have been having chats with Woody too, which is interesting. Boo we could have an alliance with him maybe? He mentioned an alliance to me last night and I mentioned I had been speaking to you.

I spoke to Queen Narissa and she said she had been talking to Pocahontas/Lady T.

Queen Narissa/Lady T/ Pocahontas/ Mulan

That would give us 8 votes over all - as I am in both alliances maybe you guys could make a smaller one with Elsa and Olaf?

I am brainstorming so let me know what you guys are thinking. This is 100% my core three right here so everything that is said doesn't leave my mouth."

Boo: "Right, if we're agreed that this trio is our MAIN group, then I can work with that. The idea for each of us also being part of another "mini-alliance" also works. Like I said, I have not told anyone else about us 3.

Main Alliance
Boo - Pocahontas - Mulan

Side alliances
Boo - Woody - Scott
Mulan - Lady T - Narissa - Pocahontas

We just need something with Gaston - Olaf - Elsa. But if none of those are together, then it will be tricky.

I'm going for Veto again tonight. Unless you girls have a better idea. Also, it may help us to work together in one of these challenges, if it's one where this is possible. Also, only 9 players can do the challenge tonight."

Mulan: "Well I have been speaking to Woody about an alliance already, I mentioned that I have been speaking to you. I think Woody could turn into a bit of a power player.

I mentioned Dodger to him and he wanted to go with that four. Me/You/Dodger/Woody

Now you could bring up Scott to Woody in private and say do you think we could include him in the alliance or a separate alliance. It would make him trust you more as he wouldn't then think me + you are a two and instead would believe you + him are a two.

I have a feeling he might like a bit of ego work?

I can try for challenge with you, I could go for HoH? "

Boo: "Woody and I are already in a room with Scott, so that's not an issue. I don't doubt for a minute that woody trusts me, since it was thanks to me that he got HoH (I gave him the answers as I was going for Veto).
Woody and I also have a room, where we talk, even though we also have a room with Scott. So I get the feeling he doesn't trust Scott 100%. If I remember right, it was Scott who set up that room, which explains a lot.
The fact that he claims at being shocked that Dodger saved him, then he suddenly mentions him in a possible 4-alliance kinda scares me though, if I'm honest.
If we can work together tonight, that would be great. Who would your nominations be? I would guess Olaf and Elsa ??"

Pocahontas: "Oh guys... I can't play tonight. I have prior plans I can't get out of. Sad

My feelings are that Scott doesn't really talk to me. And Woody seems kind of sketchy. He tells me just what he thinks I want to hear. That's my take on him right now. Elsa seems like she's kind of out of the loop. We were talking about Hopper needing to go yesterday and she finally got back to me today and said she thinks he's not here. Like she didn't know he's evicted.

And I like Olaf. He and I have been talking all game. I would have his ear for votes because there's trust there. I really like this core group of us three.

I'd be lying if I said I liked the idea of a foursome with Scott and Woody because I don't know them that well. Sad

Queen Narissa and I talk some. She's a little quiet. Lady Tremaine seems nice but I don't know where her loyalties lie in this game.

And Gaston has kept to his word and seemed to be very appreciative that the few of us kept him that first and second round. I think it goes well for us that Woody and Gaston are probably after one another in this game.

I must go for now but I would really like it if Olaf wasn't one of the nominees. I think he could come in handy later because there's trust built there and he could be a good number for votes.

Talk to you later girls. I really like this room! Smile"

Mulan: "I will be around tonight, we have a private room with Narissa and Tremaine. I am going to try and make her go for HoH and me and you can go for Veto. We can work together (if the challenge works that way) and I can work with Narissa who will then help us etc?

I need to chase Woody on that private room.

Pocahontas you raise a good point, we don't really want to be going for HoH yet as we don't 100% need to. It would perhaps be better to throw the next couple of rounds and concentrate on veto to look after this three (I think you were sayin this Boo?) "

And now, the 8th Head of Household challenge.

Andalasia/Earth Challenge #8 - Snooze It!

Tonight, you are here to help our dear friend Sleepy the Dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

He needs to be up for work but Sleepy is well... Sleepy. He's decided to snooze his alarm. You have to make sure he hits the button each time it snoozes so he gets up on time.

This will test your attention to focus and rule reading the damn rules carefully mmmk?

You will make a thread in your Diary Room titled "Snooze It!". You will use this thread to compete in the challenge. I will give you a set times to post in your thread. You will get and lose points based on your time stamp and also on if you follow the specific rules for each post.

The person with the most points at the end will win.

Note: You can make your thread before the first post to set up your thread.

Here is how you will get points.

If your post is right on the nose with the time stamp, you get 10 points
If you miss it by 1 second either way, you get 5 points
If you miss it by 2 seconds either way, you lose 3 points
If you miss it by 3 seconds either way, you get 1 point
If you miss it by 4 seconds either way, you lose 4 points
If you miss it by 5 seconds either way, you lose 1 point
If you miss it by 6 seconds either way, you get 3 points
If you miss it by 7 seconds either way, you get 2 points
If you miss it by 8 seconds either way, you lose 1 point
If you miss it by 9 seconds wither way, you lose 3 points
If you miss it by 10 seconds or more either way, you lose 7 points
If you miss it completely (1 minute either way is missing it) you lose 10 points

If you follow instructions, you will get 2 points extra for each post you do right
If you fail to follow instructions, you will lose 5 points for each post you do wrong

Quote :
Post #1: You must post at 20:38:43 EST
Must contain: You post must say what you're playing for using the word Andalasia or Earth. You must make the letters green and italic. (I will not be picky on what green you use, but don't test me and go with a colour most would think blue, etc)

Quote :
Post #2: You must post at 20:42:21 EST
Must contain: The name of the  Little Helpers in this game and it must be one name in pink and one name in white.

Quote :
Post #3: You must post at 20:51:30 EST
Must contain: The number of players left in this game in bold and yellow with a heart shaped emoji.

Quote :
Post #4: You must post at 21:01:01 EST
Must contain: The name of the first Head of Household of this season. I want it in blue and I want you to put a space between each letter.

Quote :
Post #5: You must post at 21:13:29 EST
Must contain: Contain my character name. My first name must be yellow and italic and my last name must be brown and bold.

Quote :
Post #6: You must post at 21:19:47 EST
Must contain: WolfNVX4444's character name and each letter must be a different letter (first and last name and you can't repeat the same colour).

Quote :
Post #7: You must post at 21:23:56 EST
Must contain: The name of the NHL team currently leading the Stanley cup finals 3-1. I want the full name (I.E. New York Giants, not just Giants). I want it in italics, underlined and scrolling across the screen.

Ask questions now.

Elsa: "How will we remember all of that?"

Emma Swan: "You open 2 tabs and check on here?"

Elsa: "Yes lol."

Pocahontas: "Good luck everyone! Smile"

Dodger: "Can everyone guess what Emma's name represented? <3"

Queen Narissa: "Do you mean the colors Dodger, I think I see what your saying."

Olaf: "I've always been a hot mess nothing new."

Emma Swan: "It's a wonder you haven't melted yet Olaf <3 I don't even know how to score this. You guys were so bad <3"


With a super high score of 28/84, your new Head of Household is


Congratulations. Please post your nominations as fast as you can. I will go make you a thread.

Pocahontas: "Congrats Gaston!!! Smile"

Elsa: "Congrats."

Queen Narissa: "Congrats Gaston"

Dodger: "Congrats Gaston!"

Olaf: "Congratulations Gaston!!"

Gaston called everyone out so he could announce he nominations.

Gaston - Head of Household

Please post your 2 nominees on this thread by tonight as early as you can.

Gaston: "What up? This is the nomination ceremony.

you are safe
you are safe
you are safe
you are safe...

After much thought, I have decided to nominate


Pocahontas: "Sad"

Pocahontas was getting sick of this jealousy.

Pocahontas: "I hope you'll keep me if I stay on the block. Sad"

Queen Narissa: "I would prefer to keep you but im not sure if you will be safe. Sad"

Pocahontas: "Aw please try. I know Olaf will keep me and if you do, Gaston will tie break for me."

And now for the veto winner.

Winner is

The power of veto goes to someone who received a perfect score.

The winner is


Pocahontas: "Congrats Dodger! That's very impressive. Smile"

Queen Narissa: "Congrats Dodger"

Dodger: "I choose to use the POV to save

Pocahontas: "Sad"

The nominations are set in stone

Pocahontas & Mulan, you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday June 8th to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you won't be able to be Head of Household.

Queen Narissa and Elsa talk in the backyard while Queen smokes her long menthol cigarettes.

Queen Narissa: "What were you thinking for the vote?"

Elsa: "I think Poca. I think she was telling people I was the one telling others about the alliance."

Queen Narissa: "Can you tell me where you heard that about Poca, I will not tell im just trying to figure out for myself which is lying so I can decide on my vote"

Elsa: "Mulan said she didn't and was not active last night."

Queen Narissa: "??? Mulan said she didnt do what say about you going against the allaince"

Elsa: "Yeah."

We now say goodbye to yet another player.

Eviction Ceremony #8

HOH - Gaston
Nominees - Mulan and Pocahontas
POV - Dodger (Not Used)
Nominees - Mulan and Pocahontas

For one of you, the enchantment ends here.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you so much for joining. I am really, really, really sad to see you go. You're definitely one of my favorites this game and it sucks to see you go. Never stop being you.

Challenge up in 25 minutes

Queen Narissa: "Bye P"

Pocahontas: "Bye queen!

Thanks so much Emma. You'll always be a favorite of mine.

To everyone- try not to make this game too predictable ok? <3 to you all and no hard feelings. Good luck all!"

Neal Cassidy: "WOW, snubbed"

Pocahontas: "And thanks for the kind words as well Neal. You're awesome. Smile"

Neal Cassidy: "Okay, that's better lmao"

Pocahontas: "Of course. You're still the hottest one here too. In case you didn't already know. Wink"

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

I am so confused. Either I am a master manipulator at bending the truth or these girls are playing smart and not showing how they truly feel. First of all, I turned on them and they're apologizing to me??? Me?? I feel kinda bad tbh, but it's like... they kept a lot of information from me. They were practically in the majority. One of them needed to go. Pocahontas/Mulan/Lady/Queen were in the room. Not on my watch. Now I will say this, if you guys decide to bring one motherfucking person back I'm going to pull of my beautiful hair out of my head. I've worked hard for damage control for one person only... there's not enough to go around for 2.

Secondly, Dodger has to goooooo. Love the dude. Respect the dude... He's a great ally, but if I don't win more comps soon, I'm dead.

We were getting a step closer to the end. Who would fall next? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted.

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   Sun 24 Jul - 23:25:29

Ummmmm where are all of my crafty DR's? Clearly I am the most entertaining of the bunch. My people will call your people, Emma. This is poppycock!
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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   Sun 24 Jul - 23:27:30

Idk what you're talking about Gaston. The DR is there in the episode :p
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   Sun 24 Jul - 23:43:42

Pretty sure Gaston and I started our trash-talking brouhaha (private board) a few rounds ago, too - and nothing from it. My heart is broken.
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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   Sun 24 Jul - 23:45:24

It will come. The end has a lack of material so I'm keeping some stuff to have content
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged   

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Episode #9 - Spice Girls Unplugged
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