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 Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Sun 24 Jul - 22:47:53

NatKat's Big Brother Season 3
Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 14 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 14 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted, the competition heats up with a power shift that could rock everyone's boat.

We start off tonight with the 7th Head of Household challenge.

Queen Narissa: "Do you know who the spice girls are"

Elsa: "They are a band from the UK. I don't know."

Queen Narissa: "I know the spice girls are a band. I was talking about what Boo said"

Elsa: "Oh just saw that sorry. Well Poca and Mulan really wanted her to stay so maybe those two?"

Queen Narissa: "I know thats what im worried about."

Elsa: "Yeah I don't like it. Like why day it? She gave away an alliance."

Meanwhile Pocahontas and Olaf hang out to the side while waiting for the challenge to start.

Pocahontas: "You gotta try to win this next challenge!"

Olaf: "I try every time lol I just don't seem to do well. Thanks for keeping me I appreciate it."

Pocahontas: "Of course!"

Queen Narissa: "Right and of course it will tip off the guys about our allaince if they dont already know"

Elsa: "Oh yeah. Ugh but Boo called me a skank lol."

Andalasia/Earth Challenge #7 - Once Upon a Time

And they lived happily ever after...

Don't forget to mention what you're playing for

It's time to get your quills and ink bottles out and come up with the next Fairytale idea!!!! This is a classic for NatKat Big Brother and we have high hopes for the creativity in this group of players.

You are now tasked to come up with the new Fairytale Hero and Villain. Here is what you need to do in order to have a chance at winning this challenge.

- Create a hero and a villain and give me a name, physical description of both and add a biography for both
- In 900 words or less, give me your fairytale story including your hero and villain (you can have more characters in the actual story)
* The 900 is just for the story, not the hero and villain description/biography
- Your story must have a title
- You must name actors who would play them or voice all your characters in your story
- It must start with "Once upon a time"
- It must end with "And they lived happily ever after

The End"


- Post your submission in your Diary Room
- You have until 6:00 p.m. EST Sunday June 5th 2016
- You can only send once
- You will lose 3 points off your total if you go over 900 words. You will lose 2 points off your total if you do not have a title and you will lose 5 points if you do not include the actors portion and/or biography of your villain and hero. So please read the rules carefully before submitting.

Lady Tremaine: "What if I don't want them to live happily ever after HUH?


Much later, everyone finished with their creative juices and the judges had handed in their scores.



With an impressive score of 27/30, your new HOH is


Congrats! You are the new Head of Household!

I will go make you a thread in the appropriate section. Please post your nominations as soon as you can.

Emma Swan: "And its true this time Smile"

Dodger: "Yay! I'll post nominations this evening. I'm busy now and want everyone to have the chance to sign on anyway. It will be early enough, before the HOH would usually be announced though."

Olaf: "Congratulations dodger!!"

Pocahontas: "Congrats Dodger! Smile"

Gaston: "Congratulations Dodger!"

Elsa: "Congrats Dodger."

It was now time for Dodger to nominate.

Dodger - Head of Household

Please post your 2 nominees on this thread by tonight as early as you can.

Dodger: "I look so cool in that gif

Here goes

Here's your key

Here's your key

Here's your key

Here's your key

Here's your key

That means I am nominating

Pocahontas gets up rapidly to go and hide because she is just so angry.

Pocahontas: "I'm sad about these nominations. Sad I'm guessing Elsa ratted us out?"

Queen Narissa: "I thought once she saved mulan she could be trusted, guess I was wrong"

Pocahontas: "I think she's playing all sides at this point. I wonder if it's worth mentioning to Dodger, or if he and her are a tight duo..."

Queen Narissa: "I have no idea, this is the part of the game where I start to become paranoid about everything. LOL I think I read into things to much, every comment even how the keys are distributed,"

Pocahontas: "Mhmm I did that too! I really do like you, Mulan, and Lady. But Elsa is ruining it. Sad"


It is now time to crown our Power of Veto winner.

This person scored a 26/30. Very close competition, but the judges were very impressed with this person!

The winner is


Please post your decision at your earliest convenience.

Pocahontas: Sad

Lady Tremaine: "well I had to be nominated eventually! laughing out loud"

Pocahontas goes to see Mulan about using the veto on her.

Pocahontas: "Aw, this really sucks. Sad Is there any way you could use it on me? I know you're in a tough spot, but I'm scared to be on the block."

Mulan: "You don't even have to ask. Say to Dodger that I said to you I would only use VETO on you if you were not to put him up if you won HoH.

I think he knows about the all girl alliance"

Pocahontas: "Thank you so much! <3"

Quote :
Olaf's Diary Room

Dodger approached me for an alliance. This sounds like it may be a good plan. It helps he won HOH so it will tell me where I stand. If he nominates me then I know it was a crappy deal if he doesn't then I will trust least for now. He seems like a decent player so I hope he sticks to his word I don't want to be a nominee for the third time in a row.

Mulan tells everyone what she is going to do with the veto.

Mulan: "Oh wow, I am so happy I won.

Okay, I have thought about this long and hard and although I don't want to put the HOH in a difficult position because it always sucks nominating another person but I have decided to use VETO on....


Dodger: "This nomination breaks my heart because I really adore this person but with how things line up


Lady Tremaine: "Bad doggie. "

The nominations are set in stone

Queen Narissa & Lady Tremaine, you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday June 7th to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you won't be able to be Head of Household.

Queen N decided to start campaigning. It hurt to do so again a friend like Lady T but she wanted to stay at all cost.

Queen Narissa: "Hey P I was wondering if you would keep me"

Pocahontas: "Yeah I will. Smile"

Queen Narissa: "Thank you"

Pocahontas: "Smile Then we have to beat Dodger tonight!"

Queen Narissa: "Well he cant play for Hoh thats a plus for us. "

Pocahontas: "Oh yes! HOH. But we also need veto!"

Next up, Mulan

Queen Narissa: "Hey I was wondering if you would keep me in the game"

Mulan: "I am going to keep you. I just don't want to be on the outs in the votes. Who else is keeping you?"

Queen Narissa: "P and olaf said they would keep me"

Mulan: "I have been super rushed today so didn't really get to speak to you properly. My last message comes off as if I would only vote for you if you had the votes. Wasn't really meaning that. More of a thing of like "I am voting for you to stay but who else have you got" incase you ended up being 4-1 vote with me being the outsider I would atleast want to know.

We need a serious re-strategy."

Queen Narissa: "LOL its ok,"

Queen N decides to talk and confront Elsa to clear the air up.

Queen Narissa: "Hey im not sure if you already voted but I was wondering if you be willing to keep me. Some people think you told Dodger about the girls allaince but I think it was someone else."

Elsa: "Really? Who said that? I've not voted yet. Keeping you. Mulan and Love are together strongly."

Queen Narissa: "Who are Mulan and Love?"

Elsa: "Poca lol sorry."

Queen Narissa: "LOL me to. I didnt want to tell you before I stayed in case it got back to them and changed their vote, but they are defintely trying to throw you under the bus. I had a feeling Mulan was telling lies but I just agreed and told them I was targeting Gaston and Dodger so they would keep me in the loop."

Elsa: "Ugh. Thanks. They are sneaky."

Dodger didn't want to be a coward. He wanted to talk with Lady T about the nomination.

Dodger: "I love you but I had to nominate you. I've pieced together things people have said and have a very strong suspicion Pocahontas has been targeting me and people seem to think you're working with her. Boo's comment about the "Spice Girls" didn't help.

I know you're going to be upset. I would be too. I hope what I heard isn't true. If it wasn't then you have every right to be upset at me. If it is true and you tell me I will campaign as hard as I can to save you if you stay on the block and I will try to get the POV used on you, even if you want to target me next round. I'm more interested in information. Evicting you is not a goal."

Lady Tremaine: "It's ok.

Pocahontas and Mulan don't seem to like you much from what I've gathered. In the room that I am in with them, they keep talking BACK AT IT AGAIN about you...

I feel like if I go, it's fine, but you will leave in the game people who are far more dangerous who are still coming after you. I won one challenge week 1, after trying to get the right answers like 4 times, laughing out loud. Just keep an eye on the people winning challenges, ok? Wink

I am not upset at all!"

Dodger: "I figured that was the case. I'm doing the message rounds to try to get you to stay right now. Narissa is a much bigger challenge threat anyway which will probably make her an easy vote.

I heard that you had a room with Pocahontas and Mulan and that they were targeting me. That's why I nominated you. But I also thought that maybe you just have rooms with everyone. Elsa seemed unaware of all of this and Boo mentioned her separately so I didn't assume she was part of it. Mulan nominated Olaf so I didn't assume he was part of it. I made a deal with Gaston to not nominate him this HOH if he used the POV to save me. Limited pieces. I really didn't want to nominate you but I know saying that doesn't mean much.

I am working on keeping you but I don't want to do be too obvious about it in case someone fights for you to leave just to spite me."

Lady Tremaine: "Yea it's Mulan and Pocahontas who keep talking trash about you and want to get rid of you. And now both are left in the game, so I worry about you Sad

They clearly have a final 2.

And I dont have rooms with everyone. I dont have one with Gaston, or Olaf, or Elsa. Didn't have one with Woody either. I am in a room with you and a room with Queen N, but she doesnt post much. I made a room with Mulan trying to get her to use her veto on me, but she didn't respond so I figured where her loyalties really are.

And then I had a room with Boo but shes gone.

Just keep an eye on Pocahontas and Mulan."

Dodger: "I had an idea Mulan would win the POV and wanted to see who she'd save with it. I made an agreement to not nominate her so we wouldn't keep doing this back and forth and she claimed she wanted to work together. I wanted to test that with my theory about her and Pocahontas.

I'm really sorry. But I think you have a better chance of staying against Narissa who doesn't talk much but is good at challenges than you would have against Pocahontas who is a huge social threat. I'm sure they've been trying to sell me as a threat to other people. Now people will see them as 2 threats together.

If you survive this round you know you won't be my next target if I make it through next round.

I wish I had asked you about this before nominating you but I was afraid if you really were with them that you wouldn't tell me, but would turn around and tell them I was onto them. Now that I know I feel horrible. Please try to stay. I'm trying to sell Narissa as a bigger challenge threat to people."

Quote :
Olaf's Diary Room

Maybe dodger is true to his word or at least this time. I don't trust any of them really. Dodger and I were trying to figure out who boo was referring to as the spice girls. I only know of the British girl group the spice girls I would be really impressed if you managed to book them for this game. But back to the game we believe the spice girls includes pochontas Queen lady and Mulan. I am still going to work with pochontas because she has been loyal to me or at least pretending to be. I am just elated to not be on the block.

Votes were in, it was time to make the announcement.

Quote :
Lady Tremaine's Diary Room

Seems like I am not that good in Big Brother. This game is more reliant on social skills, which I really can't be bothered with. I like to be in a majority alliance and/or challenge AMERICA my way to the end. Can't do this here.

Ugh, I tried not to win challenges just so I didnt look like a threat and I still get nominated. This little punk BOOTY Gretel dodger better pray that i go, because you don't want to see me when I go full on challenge AMERICA mode.

Eviction Ceremony #7

HOH - Dodger
Nominees - Lady Tremaine and Pocahontas
POV - Mulan (Used on Pocahontas)
Nominees - Lady Tremaine and Queen Narissa

For one of you, the enchantment ends here.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the awesome


Thank you so much for joining. I'm sad to see you go, very sad and wish it wasn't so. It starts being the part of the game where eviction hurts.

Challenge up in 30 minutes

Queen Narissa: "Bye Lady Sad"

Dodger: "Bye Lady. Sad  I'm sorry.

Congrats Queen Narissa!  I'm also sorry but happy you're still here."

Queen Narissa: "Thank you for keeping me everyone

Its okay Dodger no hard feelings, oh BTW are you feeling a bit hungry if so I have a few apples you can have."

Pocahontas: "Bye Lady. Sad

Congrats Queen!"

Dodger: "lol I'll accept the apple. I deserve it."

Lady Tremaine: "Goodbye my dears. Don't trust that Gretel John Smith, he's playing both sides.


Quote :
Dodger's Diary Room

I have no clue why I keep going for HOH when I inevitably feel genuinely bad for nominating people. Like... wut? I don't get it.

And yes. I seem to be trying to put the target on me, and I have a feeling Gaston is enjoying that. But I'm fine with it. Now, some things I said could potentially alienate them from Gaston a little, too, but I'm trying to keep it indirect enough for them to not call him out on it (so he doesn't call me out on it). And hopefully it isolates Pocahontas and Mulan from everyone else a little (though after this round, there will be one person who will probably cling to them, since all of it was kind of laid out for everyone to see, and I was the one to nominate them - not Mulontas).

Realistically, the odds of me winning this are slight if I keep throwing the target on myself. But it was on me anyway, and I could make nice with Mulan and Pocahontas, but they'd just keep target me, if more quietly, and nominate me as soon as they got a chance, anyway. So why bother? I guess similar happened in Lsquared - had a target on my back and decided to just keep it there - and I won that. So... Dumb strategy, but it at least has a small possibility of working. And it makes actually playing the game a lot more fun. If I'm evicted next round with this strategy, I can leave saying the game was fun. But if I try to keep my head down, even winning would be a chore. Plus, if I can manage this for a couple more rounds, it gives Gaston and/or Elsa a great shot of getting to the end and maybe winning, which would be amazing. And if I do, by some weird fluke, make it to the end, I have great jury answers for a strong game... "I was a target through most of the game, and done of you could do manage to do anything about that, no matter how hard you tried". All in all, it works out fine however it plays out.

Quote :
Gaston's Diary Room

Also, Dodger will have to go soon....

There's a clear domination going on. Will anyone be able to stop it before it's too late? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 3 - Enchanted.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Sun 24 Jul - 23:35:47

We don't get to read the stories??? Sad
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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Sun 24 Jul - 23:42:20

I'll post them tomorrow. You have enough to read tonight :p
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Mon 25 Jul - 17:39:53

I am probably the reason the stories aren't posted sorry. I couldn't come up with one so I used my IMDb story and wrote it in five minutes while I was on the beach.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Mon 25 Jul - 23:04:32

Emma Swan wrote:
I'll post them tomorrow.

And Olaf - maybe.  MAYBE!  But I've been waiting almost 2 months to read these stories and I'm impatient.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Tue 26 Jul - 5:13:21

"telling lies, well that's no surprise"

From one of my favourite song Wink

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Emma Swan

Emma Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   Tue 26 Jul - 15:33:43

I just found a huge hole in my pants and I'm at work. The struugle is real
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PostSubject: Re: Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?   

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Episode #8 - Who the Heck is Love?
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