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 The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)

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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 18:03:48

Story #1 - Dodger

The Perpetual Time Being of Anya and Laelaps

Once upon a time, in a land long forgotten, lived a young woman named Anya and her dog, Laelaps.  Anya found Laelaps as a stray in the forest, near a creek overflowing from the spring rain, while bathing herself amongst snakes and otters alike.  When Anya saw her, she pulled from her bag a piece of venison to offer Laelaps.  And she spoke in a language long forgotten, even in Anya's time, but divined by a rare few.  And this is what she said: "Hello, dear.  My name is Anya."

Anya was born with a tail, not surgically removed until the age of eight.  As a child, Anya learned of the rise and fall of empires to come, of the pantheons of gods yet to be born, and of all of creation yet to exist.  She would sit on the shore and stare out to sea, imagining discovering the shores of Lyonesse, or of living long enough to see lions roam the African plains.  As an adult, Anya would still do this, but with Laelaps by her side and beside her in her prophecies.

A man named Sextus was fond of Anya.  Sextus would often force himself upon Anya, hoping to one day make her his wife by any means of coercion, and Anya would tolerate this for a price.  And when she could, Anya would ignore Sextus and sneak off with Laelaps, to reaffirm where they first met.

One night in the forest, Anya and Laelaps came upon a strange beast with claws and gnashing teeth.  As Anya questioned this beast, she discovered he would become a sailor, and would not die until the Crimean War, as a soldier.  She questioned the beast about this purpose, and he spoke in a language only Anya and Laelaps could understand, and this is what he said: "I live by moonlight; hear me! for the day is haram".  And Anya whispered something in his ear, then she and Laelaps left.

And Anya and Laelaps came upon a merchant making his way to a village.  As Anya questioned this man, she discovered he would become a clergyman, and would not die until the Vietnam War, as a politician.  She questioned the man about this purpose, and he spoke eloquently in the language of the time, and this is what he said: "I offer you luxury for a price; assam and darjeeling, and the finest in ersatz feelings and myrrh." Anya turned away, and they continued to the creek where they had first met, to bathe amongst snakes and otters alike.

The following evening, Sextus called upon Anya; Anya agreed.  She walked up the stairs and his place was a mess; he closed the shade, walked toward her, and took off her dress.  As Sextus penetrated her, Anya stared at the wall.  She imagined an age of cars, with headlights casting shadows. She imagined the shadows forming graceful shapes, like the fluid paintings of 16th century Japan.  And she longed for the first telling of The Rape of Lucrece, and the birth of a heroine with whom she could relate.  Sextus came, and then pulled out.

That night while she slept, Anya had a dream, and this is what she dreamed: She witnessed the pygmy tribes of Africa hiding their secrets, in expectation of discovery by the West.  She witnessed the rise and fall of Rome.  She laughed at the false prophecies of Nostradamus, and she guided the hand of Luis Ponce de León.  She watched Memphis fall into night, while Elvis stepped onto a stage.  She saw dinosaurs come and go, as beautiful ephemera.  She watched the world overcome with water as she and Laelaps held their breath amidst festivals to celebrate the rising waves.  A wise man turned to her and said, "you are a friend", and she blushed.

Anya awoke, left a farewell note to Sextus, and went home.  Anya sat on her bed, with Laelaps sitting behind her, and stared into a mirror.  Her features seemed to blur.  But she saw Laelaps clearly, both behind and in front of her.

It was that evening that Laelaps died.  Sextus broke in and demanded that Anya marry him.  He beat her and he broke every possession she cherished.  But seeing that he couldn't break her, he saw the one being she truly loved, Laelaps.  He pulled out a knife, and without hesitation slit Laelaps' throat, and stomped on her skull until she stopped moving.  Anya wailed, picked up a vase, and smashed it into Sextus' head.  She picked up Laelaps' body, and she ran.

Carrying Laelaps' body, Anya ran past the gates of her village, past the graveyard, past the Elysian Fields.  She ran through the forest toward where they had first met, periodically stopping to listen for another breath from Laelaps, for any sign of life.  Anya reached the creek and collapsed.

Anya awoke to find Laelaps' body gone.  Yet to her surprise, she felt her tail had regrown and her feet and hands balanced equally on the ground.  And Anya saw a young woman walking toward her.  The young woman pulled from her bag a piece of venison to offer Anya, and she spoke in a language long forgotten, even in Anya's time, but divined by a rare few.  And this is what she said: "Hello, dear.  My name is Laelaps."  And they lived happily ever after

The End


Anya/Laelaps (human) - Lola Créton
Laelaps/Anya (dog) - the dog who plays Bossy in Neighbours, I guess
Sextus - Gethin Anthony
The beast - voiced by Tom Waits
The merchant - James Franco
The wise man - Chiwetel Ejiofor

Cameo/nonfiction characters:
Nostradamus - Daniel Day Lewis
Luis Ponce de León - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Elvis Presley - Rafi Gavron

Character bios and all that crap:

Anya (also Laelaps) - Hero

Physical description:  Modestly pretty, if in a slightly awkward way, but certainly not "stunning".  Mousy brown hair, medium-long, wavey, and usually slightly tangled.  Lithe frame.  Pale complexion, vaguely Meditteranean features.  

Character biography: It is unknown whether Anya was born to her parents, or if they adopted and raised her from a young age.  It is known that she was born with a tail, much like that of a dog.  At 8-years-old, Anya's parents opted to have her tail surgically removed.  However, the tail did not bother Anya, nor was she an outcast for it.  Quite the opposite... Children would playfully pull it, and she'd wag it to smack them in return.  She and the other children would often play in Isidora's garden, and she'd wag it when happy.  Isidora herself believed Anya's tail to suggest she is another kind of being entirely, thus enabling her to talk to animals in a forgotten language.  Anya was 19 when she found Laelaps, and she is 25 at the time of the story.  Anya lives in a primordial world (or maybe a test-run), which may or may not quite be the physical world, but rather a foreshadowing of the physical world.  In this world, known creation has yet to happen, and all that will happen is known through prophecy that's learned in school (albeit some are more adept than others).  Anya and others in the world are acutely aware of this (and sometimes even try to recreate what they see, through prophecy, in their world).  However, Anya - by whatever means - has the ability to change the fates of others (hinted at when she whispers in the beast's ear, when her visions while staring at the sea change from just her to her and Laelaps, and when she's guiding some other moments), as they will exist and transmigrate after creation (and probably during creation, and for all time after).  Anya is only marginally aware of this... she suspects it sometimes, but does not *know* it.  Anya and Laelaps are both one and two beings (plural and singular), and eventually universal creative force, to reverse roles for all time (albeit with different experiences each time), bonded through their complete love for one another outweighing all of creation's tangents to come.  This story is the tale of how Anya and Laelaps first met, or rather how they started to realize what they are.

Sextus - Villain

Physical description: Modestly handsome, certainly not "dashing", but with a high-foreheaded, classically dignified appearance.  Well-groomed hair and beard, brown.  Average build - neither muscular, lithe, nor overweight.  

Character biography: Sextus (yeah, I ripped that directly from Sextus Tarquinius) was born and raised in a different village, not far from the village Anya grew up in.  Sextus is somewhat peripheral in the ongoing story of Anya and Laelaps, and functions of as a catalyst for them.  Sextus did poorly in school (and is slow to understand, or even see, prophecy), but was born to a respected family.  He has a sometimes violent, and usually insecure, nature... compensated for by arrogance from his upbringing.  He moved to Anya's village to try to establish a coastal trade route with other villages, and is a few years older than Anya.  He, as long as others in the village, has some vague idea of what Anya is (or might be), which just makes him more insecure, feeding the desire to "claim" her for himself.  However, in a weird way, he does care for Anya, and for that wants her respect and devotion (and tries to seize it through force and basically turning her into a prostitute, albeit for him alone, in an attempt to keep her close to him).  Generally respect in the village for his status.
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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 18:04:19

Story #2 - Gaston

Abigail Breslin as Lily:
Lily: 17, beautiful and the heart of a goddess.

Ian Somerhalder
Satgon: Mysterious and charming.

Beauty's Dark Past

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Lily. Being that her parents are both beautiful, it is no surprise that even at such a tender age of seventeen, Lily was beautiful, with her golden brown eyes and curly brown hair.

Though her parents wanted to keep her sheltered to protect her, Lily wanted to live by her own rules. She wanted to travel, find love, and live a normal life. Because of her fiery personality, she did whatever she could to help the poor individuals in her town. She brought them fresh bread from the castle's kitchen, sewed homeless men and women clothing (all by herself), and like her mother, who loved to read, she sometimes read stories to the homeless to help them escape their love of poverty... Even if it were for a few minutes. Because of her beauty (both inside and out) she was known as a huge hero to everyone in her town.

One day, after leaving her traditional reading every Monday, she spotted the most beautiful boy she's ever laid eyes on. He waved at her, and her heart fluttered. There was something about him that screamed mystery, as he was handsome, with his dark hair and tall statue. She wanted to know more about this boy, so she did, every day until the moment she fell in love with him. His name was Sagton and it was a family name. She loved him, but she always had a twinge of uncertainty about him, because he was just so perfect and charming. "Lucky me," she often exclaimed.

It was finally time for him to meet her parents. She was excited, but sad, because his parents were not around. His father died when he was just a small infant, and his mother abandoned him. She never had the heart to ask him where he grew up as a child, as she felt guilty she had such a privileged life with parents who loved her. It's one of the many reasons she gives back to the community.

Nevertheless, as they went into Lily's house; hand in hand, she said hi to Lumiere, her housekeeper for years.

Lumiere paused and looked at Satgon.

"Is there something wrong?" Lily asked Lumiere. "This book just looks so familiar to-"
"Step away from her right now!" Her father yells coming down the stairs!
"What? Why? He's my boy-"
"-He's not who he says he is. Listen to your father!" Her mother says, calmly.

Lily turns around, unsure of what to think. "Satgon, is this true? Who are you?"
He claps, slowly while chuckling.
"Hello everyone. Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Satgon. It's an anagram for Gaston. He was my father."
Her mother, Belle, speaks.
"Remember all those stories we told you, Lily. The story about how Gaston tried to kill-"
"-You are not allowed to talk about my father! Don't even utter his name! You killed him! Because of you I've been fatherless. All alone.... I want you to feel that pain! I want you to understand how that feels!" And with that, Satgon strangles Lily with his hands. Her body in front his.
"You all will feel my pain as you watch your daughter die!"
He yells. Lily, stunned, cannot breathe. She looks at her fearful parents who are in shock, and she sees Lumiere turn into a candle stick. She places her hand down and he jumps into it. Just like that, she puts the flames on Satgon and he backs away, screaming.

Belle looks at Lily's father. "Take care of him." I will, he mutters, changing into a beast. Belle runs over to Lily and hugs her. Like his father, Satgon suffered the same fate, and with him dead… They all lived happily ever after.

Belle - Emma Watson
The Beast - Matthew Mcconaughey
Lumiere - Aaron Carter (lol)

And YESSS... In my version they can turn back and fourth from whatever they want.
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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 18:04:37

Story #3 - Mulan

The Princess and The Night Sky
Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen who were the happiest in the land. Their joy filled their kingdom, a kingdom where flowers grew tall.

King & Queen Gallifortrey had long wished for a child. A child that would give the kingdom more joy. It seemed as if God had granted their dreams, as within nine months a beautiful princess was born.

Princess Misty, her skin as delicate as a rose petal, her hair as blonde as silk , her eyes as green as the healthiest meadow. It was within the first minutes of her life that her mother lost hers. Falling ill to the world, she passed leaving Misty motherless and the King widowed.

The sun slept behind the clouds and the flowers withered, people cried and Princess Misty never felt the summer air again. King Gallifortrey wanted to protect his daughter from the world and ordered walls be built around the castle.  

They stood as high as the oldest tree and as strong as the newest diamond. Years passed and the kingdom grew old. The roads had fallen apart and the flowers that once stood tall withered in the night.

Misty, had never been outside. Many nights she stood by her window looking out, moths fluttering through the midnight sky. She could see the moon shining down on the world she had yet to discover. The world she only wished she would be allowed to see.

She had imagined, swans as white as snow, the merry-bells of church steeples and green hills covered in vines.

"Oh, I wish I could see the world," said she: "I know that I shall love it there."

The princess wished every night while she looked at the stars. Until one night a star fell from the sky. Falling like a snow-flake down into her castle, into her window.

The star lit up the darkest of walls with an icy blue reflection.
Electric pulses ran through the room and like a flash that had seen the star tumble from the midnight a woman raised over six foot high.

"My sweet little girl, you have saved me from despair” bellowed the women, her pale blue complexion. “In return, I shall give you one wish…”

Misty stood confused. She had wished to the stars and the moons for many nights but never thought one would grant.

“What is your name? Where do you come from?” she whispered.

“My name is Perdidit, I come from the sky to give you a wish. Your pain echo’s through the world and into my world above. The world consumed by the deepest of night.”

“I wish to see what lies beyond my walls” the princess explained unsure to if she was dreaming.

“You wish to see the world beyond your walls? Done” she hissed.

Within a flash of blue light and thunder colliding. Princess Misty awoke, believing it had been a dream until she felt the rain on her face and whispers.

“The king has fallen sick, he is as blue as the deepest depths of the ocean” Misty overheard.

“My father is sick?” she said to herself. “but how is this so? My father is never sick”.

Little did Misty know that Perdidit had embodied her charm and was consuming the walls with her darkness. Absorbing the strength of the king.

“I must get back to my father” whispered Misty. Unable to realize the beauty of the world she had so longed to see, running for the walls she had so often despaired.

Climbing her way through a newly formed crack her feet hitting the cold stone below, the lightening clapping behind her.

“You’re back so soon, my sweetest” muttered Perdidit. Her eyes piercing into Misty’s soul.

“Why are you hurting my father, you told me you came to help me,” shouted MISTY. Strength rising in her stomach where butterflies once flapped their wings.

“This world is ugly and it wreaks havoc through the skies. It screams with pain and torture. This world does not deserve to live but to die like your mother did”

Misty felt like her heart had been wrenched from her. Who was this woman to talk about her mother with such hatred and like that the Princess screamed.

Such a scream that made the earth shudder and shake. Cracks in the wall began to appear and an opening in the sky formed.

Sunlight crept into the kingdom and the walls. Sunlight so bright that even the darkest of corners were no longer dark.

The light grew on Perdidit and she began to burn. The princess gasped as she saw Perdidit. Blue flames rising from her, consuming her now terrified screams. Glitter flew from her onto the walls of the kingdom, making them creak and tumble like the star that feel from the night.

Within a second, Perdidit had gone.

The walls fell and the sun rose into the kingdom. The flowers grew and chants from the people could be heard.

“The King lives” they cheered as they saw the king heading towards his people looking into the sky. He looked at his daughter who was smiling in the sun and it was in that moment that he knew she would be the best Queen to rule the kingdom, to rule it without walls And they all lived happily ever after.

Name: Princess Misty
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 9
Actor/Voiced By: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Description: Misty’s skin is as white as snow due to her being trapped inside her castle walls. Her eyes are as green as the greenest seaweed and her cheeks rosy like a rose bud.
Biography:  Never seeing the light of day Misty has been brought up in strict confinements of her fathers orders. She has never had a friend, never had a dog to play with and never had the chance to see the sun on her face. She has grown up lonely but has always made the best of what she had. Her nature is to love and never to harm. To protect and never to fight. She longs to travel the world but her walls are so high that she doubts she will ever be able to.

Name: Perdidit (destroyed in Latin)
Age: 1,500,000
Height: 6ft 11
Actress/Voiced By: Milla Jovovich
Description: Perdidit has misty blue skin pale because she hides from sunlight, piercing blue eyes as cold as ice and hair as blue as lightening. She stands high and strong, long arms with sharp fingers. She is frightening in her mannerisms and terrifying to look at.
Biography: Perdidit has gone from planet to planet acting as a saviour for young princess’s in different worlds and destroying them once taking their identifies and gaining access to their kingdoms and power. She is a god. Banished from the heavens for her trickery and evil behaviour she now tends on reeking havoc on the universe.

Soundtrack: Lucky - Britney Spears (Cover by Ariana Grande)
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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 18:04:55

Story #5 - Queen Narissa

Princess Bella - Emilie de Ravin
Queen Lena - Idina Menzel
Queen Regina - Lana Parrilla
Queen Narissa - Susan Sarandon
Queen Grimhilde - Angelina Jolie
The Queen of Hearts - Kristen Bell
Lady Tremaine - Cate Blanchett
Snow White - Helena Bonham Carter
Cinderella - Lily James
Giselle - Amy Adams
The Mayor - Michael Raymond-James

Princess Bella - is the daughter of the late King Brian. Her father married Queen Lena before his death, which made Queen Lena her stepmother. She is very beautiful with long blond hair and blue eyes. Height 5ft 3

Queen Lena - villian- She is as mean as a rattlesnake and only married King Brian so she could become the Queen. She has red hair with green eyes. Height 5 ft 6

Queen Regina - hero - She is an Evil Queen trying to turn over a new leaf. She has black hair and brown eyes. Height 5 ft 6


Once upon a time there lived a princess named Bella. Bella was so excited because the Princess ball was coming up. The princess ball was a huge dance where all the princesses in all the land would get together and dance and eat. At the Princess Ball, Bella would be given her new crown since she had turned 18 she would now become The Queen. Bella was hoping Snow White, Cinderella and Giselle would all be there.

Meanwhile across town there was another ball happening. It was almost the same as the Princess Ball but it was called Kill Them All Ball. At the Kill Them All Ball all of the villians were eating and telling stories of all the horrible things they had done to the princesses.

Lady Tremaine, Queen Narissa, The Queen of Hearts and Queen Grimhilde were sitting at a table eating when Queen Lena joined them. Queen Lena was so jealous of Bella because she was taking her crown from her that she wanted some advice on how to get rid of her.

Lady Tremaine told her to lock her in the basement where no one would find her.

Queen Narissa said "I will teach you some black magic and turn into a snake and bite her".

Maleficent said "Give her a poison apple and she will go to sleep for ever".

The Queen of Hearts simply said "Off With Her Head".

Queen Lena thought about what they all said for a moment. She told the Queens that all of that had been tried before and it didnt work. She needed something new to try. So they all talked it over for a while. By the end of the night the Queens had decided Queen Lena should hex the crown so when Bella put it on she would become a raving lunatic and kill all the other Princesses. They were so interested in talking about it that they didnt notice Queen Regina hiding in the shadows.

Queen Regina was as evil as they come but as she has aged she realizes there is more to life than being evil. So Regina decided she would try to help Princess Lena.

Over the next few the Queens got together to work on the plan to help Queen Lena. While they were doing that Queen Regina was trying to get close enough to warn Bella of the trouble but Bella was so busy getting ready for her big day at the ball. Queen Lena removed the crown and took it to the queens so they could hex it.

On the day of the ball Queen Regina still had not been able to warn Bella so now she had to figure out a way to get into the ball and keep Bella from putting on the crown.

As Princess Bella walked into the ball everyone clapped. Bella was so happy, she could not wait to become Queen. She walked down the stairs and spotted Cinderella and Snow White, she walked over to their table so they could talk. They were having so much fun that they didnt notice all the evil in the shadows waiting for the moment that Bella would go crazy.

"Can I have your attention please?" the mayor asked. "Tonight we are going to crown the new Queen of Crandonland." "Princess Bella could you please join me on the stage" When Bella got on the stage the mayor placed the crown on her head and said "I give you Queen Bella". Everyone clapped and Bellas friends ran on the stage to hug her.

Queen Regina was still trying to get into the ball, but all the doors were locked. Finally it occured to her to disguise hereself as one of the waiters serving food. When she got in the ball she seen that she was to late. She knew the only thing left to do was get the crown off her head before something bad happened.

Meanwhile on the stage Queen Bella was so happy then all of sudden she felt mad at everyone even her friends. She didnt understand why but she knew she wanted to hurt everyone in the room. She started to step back from everyone but they kept getting closer and closer. She started to hit them and push them out of her way. After she did that she was so scared she knew she needed to get out of the ball. Bella ran down the steps toward the door.

Queen Regina seen Queen Bella on the stage hitting everyone and she knew the Evil Queens plans had worked. "I have got to get that crown of her head, maybe then the spell will be gone". Regina started to run towards Bella screaming her name. The other Queens that were in the shadows what was going on and ran so they would not get caught.

Regina reached Bella and tried to pull the crown off her head. Bella turned around and Regina hollered "Its the crown you need to take it off" but it was to late Bella had grabbed a knife from the table. Regina grabbed for the crown again and almost had it but Bella stabbed her in the heart.

As Queen Regina fell to the ground she pulled off the crown. As the crowd started to gather around Bella and Regina, Regina was able to tell them that Queen Lena had hexed the crown and it made Queen Bella crazy, then she died.

The crowd had heard that it was all Queen Lena's fault and they spotted her trying to leave. The bodyguards at the door were able to catch her so she could be arrested.

A few months later things had returned to normal. The Evil Queens were still hiding in fear of being put in jail with Queen Lena. Lena was in jail and no longer the Queen. Queen Bella first action as being Queen was to have a statue of Queen Regina put in the towns square of Crandonland for being a hero.

Queen Bella lived happily ever after.
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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 19:56:31

It's like Christmas! Reading them all now. <3
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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 20:03:52

Clearly one is missing and you'll see why in a bit
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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 20:09:11

Wink someone always has to make things difficult lol.
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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Tue 26 Jul - 20:38:11

I love these all so much. Fantastic job everyone. Can't wait to read Olaf's, too.
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Queen Narissa


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Wed 27 Jul - 13:48:50

I hate this challenge, I think I overthink it and I get really stressed. Im not going to name any names but I think someone finds this very funny.
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Emma Swan


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Emma Swan


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PostSubject: Re: The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)   Sun 31 Jul - 22:12:35

Story #4 - Olaf

There's Magic in that Bag!

Once upon a time there was an amazing girl named Susie who went shopping for a purse. She obviously needed a purse to hold all of her magnificent items that every girl needs to carry. So Susie bought her purse and took it home with her. She loaded her purse up with the necessities one needs. The next day she went to work on the street corner. Obviously she was selling ice cream. She took her purse with her to work. Suddenly her arch nemesis Joe came and tried to steal her street corner. Susie pulled out her purse to call for help. She noticed an extra pocket and wow it was a necklace it was magical. Where did that pocket come from she wondered. Well Susie threw it at him but missed. Also in that pocket was an umbrella Susie used that umbrella as a sword and Joe ran away. While he was running he screamed, "I never should have messed with a girl on the street corner." Susie felt proud that she was able to stand up for herself. Susie never had to worry again and always keeps her magic purse with her just in case and she not they lived happily ever after.

Susie is a short female with blonde hair. Joe is taller with black hair. Susie would be voiced by Anna Kendrick and joe would be voiced by vin diesel.
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Queen Narissa


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The Stories (Just for you Eager Beaver Dodger)
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