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PostSubject: VETO    Wed 25 May - 20:41:58

Veto #1:

1. 106 months
2. 17
3. 5
4. 39
5. 11
6. 33
7. 107mins
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PostSubject: Re: VETO    Wed 25 May - 20:44:14

Veto #1:

Sorry I pressed post when I had the answers.

passcode: 106175391133107

I am playing for earth.
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PostSubject: Re: VETO    Sun 5 Jun - 17:56:14

Make your own fairytale challenge:
The Princess and The Night Sky
Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen who were the happiest in the land. Their joy filled their kingdom, a kingdom where flowers grew tall.

King & Queen Gallifortrey had long wished for a child. A child that would give the kingdom more joy. It seemed as if God had granted their dreams, as within nine months a beautiful princess was born.

Princess Misty, her skin as delicate as a rose petal, her hair as blonde as silk , her eyes as green as the healthiest meadow. It was within the first minutes of her life that her mother lost hers. Falling ill to the world, she passed leaving Misty motherless and the King widowed.

The sun slept behind the clouds and the flowers withered, people cried and Princess Misty never felt the summer air again. King Gallifortrey wanted to protect his daughter from the world and ordered walls be built around the castle.  

They stood as high as the oldest tree and as strong as the newest diamond. Years passed and the kingdom grew old. The roads had fallen apart and the flowers that once stood tall withered in the night.

Misty, had never been outside. Many nights she stood by her window looking out, moths fluttering through the midnight sky. She could see the moon shining down on the world she had yet to discover. The world she only wished she would be allowed to see.

She had imagined, swans as white as snow, the merry-bells of church steeples and green hills covered in vines.

"Oh, I wish I could see the world," said she: "I know that I shall love it there."

The princess wished every night while she looked at the stars. Until one night a star fell from the sky. Falling like a snow-flake down into her castle, into her window.

The star lit up the darkest of walls with an icy blue reflection.
Electric pulses ran through the room and like a flash that had seen the star tumble from the midnight a woman raised over six foot high.

"My sweet little girl, you have saved me from despair” bellowed the women, her pale blue complexion. “In return, I shall give you one wish…”

Misty stood confused. She had wished to the stars and the moons for many nights but never thought one would grant.

“What is your name? Where do you come from?” she whispered.

“My name is Perdidit, I come from the sky to give you a wish. Your pain echo’s through the world and into my world above. The world consumed by the deepest of night.”

“I wish to see what lies beyond my walls” the princess explained unsure to if she was dreaming.

“You wish to see the world beyond your walls? Done” she hissed.

Within a flash of blue light and thunder colliding. Princess Misty awoke, believing it had been a dream until she felt the rain on her face and whispers.

“The king has fallen sick, he is as blue as the deepest depths of the ocean” Misty overheard.

“My father is sick?” she said to herself. “but how is this so? My father is never sick”.

Little did Misty know that Perdidit had embodied her charm and was consuming the walls with her darkness. Absorbing the strength of the king.

“I must get back to my father” whispered Misty. Unable to realize the beauty of the world she had so longed to see, running for the walls she had so often despaired.

Climbing her way through a newly formed crack her feet hitting the cold stone below, the lightening clapping behind her.

“You’re back so soon, my sweetest” muttered Perdidit. Her eyes piercing into Misty’s soul.

“Why are you hurting my father, you told me you came to help me,” shouted MISTY. Strength rising in her stomach where butterflies once flapped their wings.

“This world is ugly and it wreaks havoc through the skies. It screams with pain and torture. This world does not deserve to live but to die like your mother did”

Misty felt like her heart had been wrenched from her. Who was this woman to talk about her mother with such hatred and like that the Princess screamed.

Such a scream that made the earth shudder and shake. Cracks in the wall began to appear and an opening in the sky formed.

Sunlight crept into the kingdom and the walls. Sunlight so bright that even the darkest of corners were no longer dark.

The light grew on Perdidit and she began to burn. The princess gasped as she saw Perdidit. Blue flames rising from her, consuming her now terrified screams. Glitter flew from her onto the walls of the kingdom, making them creak and tumble like the star that feel from the night.

Within a second, Perdidit had gone.

The walls fell and the sun rose into the kingdom. The flowers grew and chants from the people could be heard.

“The King lives” they cheered as they saw the king heading towards his people looking into the sky. He looked at his daughter who was smiling in the sun and it was in that moment that he knew she would be the best Queen to rule the kingdom, to rule it without walls And they all lived happily ever after.

Name: Princess Misty
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 9
Actor/Voiced By: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Description: Misty’s skin is as white as snow due to her being trapped inside her castle walls. Her eyes are as green as the greenest seaweed and her cheeks rosy like a rose bud.
Biography:  Never seeing the light of day Misty has been brought up in strict confinements of her fathers orders. She has never had a friend, never had a dog to play with and never had the chance to see the sun on her face. She has grown up lonely but has always made the best of what she had. Her nature is to love and never to harm. To protect and never to fight. She longs to travel the world but her walls are so high that she doubts she will ever be able to.

Name: Perdidit (destroyed in Latin)
Age: 1,500,000
Height: 6ft 11
Actress/Voiced By: Milla Jovovich
Description: Perdidit has misty blue skin pale because she hides from sunlight, piercing blue eyes as cold as ice and hair as blue as lightening. She stands high and strong, long arms with sharp fingers. She is frightening in her mannerisms and terrifying to look at.
Biography: Perdidit has gone from planet to planet acting as a saviour for young princess’s in different worlds and destroying them once taking their identifies and gaining access to their kingdoms and power. She is a god. Banished from the heavens for her trickery and evil behaviour she now tends on reeking havoc on the universe.

Lucky - Britney Spears (Cover by Ariana Grande)
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PostSubject: Re: VETO    Tue 14 Jun - 21:18:25

When you pick a pear - Jungle Book
I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face - Frozen
No matter how your heart is grieving - Cinderella
Too high to climb, too hard to break through - Goofy
No Face as hideous as my face - The Hunchback of Notre-Damn
To sing to, sweet things to - Sleeping Beauty
Bright Lights Big City - James & The Giant Peach?
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