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 Mulan PM thread

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Mulan PM thread Empty
PostSubject: Mulan PM thread   Mulan PM thread I_icon_minitimeSun 26 Jun - 13:39:05

Again, not too much surviving of this conversation, but we started our board, so... fair enough.

rom: Mulan
To: Dodger
Posted: Fri 3 Jun - 7:23:42
Subject: Re: Hi Quote message
If you want to know the truth, someone who has exited the game told me that you & Woody were gunning for me and Boo to leave the game. Originally you wanted me to leave in your reign of HOH. I should've told you straight away but I felt a little bit taken aback because I didn't know people wanted me out that badly.

I am coming to you about this first, not telling anyone else because I am not a fan of spreading around rumors especially if they are false.

rom: Mulan
To: Dodger
Posted: Fri 3 Jun - 17:13:32
Subject: Re: Hi Quote message
Okay, which partially why I wasn't sure if it was true or not which is why I haven't really spoken to anyone about it. I don't want to cause rumours in a game that aren't true that wouldn't benefit either of us.

I feel bad for putting Woody up but like you said I am having a hard time working out if he is with me or not. His very nice though so I am unsure.

I like Gaston, I am very confused. I think people are threatened by you the most right now and think you have a very strong alliance that consists of Woody etc. I think it's all based around that veto play but I honestly believe you when you say what you just said there (using it to gain alliances).

Should we get a private room? I feel like important chats are happening in this PM and no one will ever know about it lol

From: Mulan
To: Dodger
Posted: Wed 8 Jun - 8:34:31
Subject: Please Quote message
Good Morning,

I really do not want to go and I really like all three of you equally so I would hate to be voted out by you guys. If you guys can explain to me what the hell is going on then maybe I can give a reasonable case. If you are voting for me, I would appreciate you atleast telling me, I have no power in the game that is going to save me from being eliminated, kind of think I deserve an answer atleast.

Thank you x

From: Dodger
To: Mulan
Posted: Wed 8 Jun - 10:36:10
Subject: Re: Please
If I'm voting for you, I'll tell you. But I don't plan on voting for you.

You using the POV to save Pocahontas set off some red flags for pretty much everyone. You know my take on Pocahontas so you probably know what I'd prefer. She's my target and how I'd like the vote to go. I'm not sure how others are voting yet though. They might try to keep her so she and I keep going at each other to keep the heat off themselves. If I learn anything else I'll tell you.
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Mulan PM thread
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