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 Once Upon A Time

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Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa

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PostSubject: Once Upon A Time   Once Upon A Time I_icon_minitimeSun 5 Jun - 13:35:48

Princess Bella - Emilie de Ravin
Queen Lena - Idina Menzel
Queen Regina - Lana Parrilla
Queen Narissa - Susan Sarandon
Queen Grimhilde - Angelina Jolie
The Queen of Hearts - Kristen Bell
Lady Tremaine - Cate Blanchett
Snow White - Helena Bonham Carter
Cinderella - Lily James
Giselle - Amy Adams
The Mayor - Michael Raymond-James

Princess Bella - is the daughter of the late King Brian. Her father married Queen Lena before his death, which made Queen Lena her stepmother. She is very beautiful with long blond hair and blue eyes. Height 5ft 3

Queen Lena - villian- She is as mean as a rattlesnake and only married King Brian so she could become the Queen. She has red hair with green eyes. Height 5 ft 6

Queen Regina - hero - She is an Evil Queen trying to turn over a new leaf. She has black hair and brown eyes. Height 5 ft 6


Once upon a time there lived a princess named Bella. Bella was so excited because the Princess ball was coming up. The princess ball was a huge dance where all the princesses in all the land would get together and dance and eat. At the Princess Ball, Bella would be given her new crown since she had turned 18 she would now become The Queen. Bella was hoping Snow White, Cinderella and Giselle would all be there.

Meanwhile across town there was another ball happening. It was almost the same as the Princess Ball but it was called Kill Them All Ball. At the Kill Them All Ball all of the villians were eating and telling stories of all the horrible things they had done to the princesses.

Lady Tremaine, Queen Narissa, The Queen of Hearts and Queen Grimhilde were sitting at a table eating when Queen Lena joined them. Queen Lena was so jealous of Bella because she was taking her crown from her that she wanted some advice on how to get rid of her.

Lady Tremaine told her to lock her in the basement where no one would find her.

Queen Narissa said "I will teach you some black magic and turn into a snake and bite her".

Maleficent said "Give her a poison apple and she will go to sleep for ever".

The Queen of Hearts simply said "Off With Her Head".

Queen Lena thought about what they all said for a moment. She told the Queens that all of that had been tried before and it didnt work. She needed something new to try. So they all talked it over for a while. By the end of the night the Queens had decided Queen Lena should hex the crown so when Bella put it on she would become a raving lunatic and kill all the other Princesses. They were so interested in talking about it that they didnt notice Queen Regina hiding in the shadows.

Queen Regina was as evil as they come but as she has aged she realizes there is more to life than being evil. So Regina decided she would try to help Princess Lena.

Over the next few the Queens got together to work on the plan to help Queen Lena. While they were doing that Queen Regina was trying to get close enough to warn Bella of the trouble but Bella was so busy getting ready for her big day at the ball. Queen Lena removed the crown and took it to the queens so they could hex it.

On the day of the ball Queen Regina still had not been able to warn Bella so now she had to figure out a way to get into the ball and keep Bella from putting on the crown.

As Princess Bella walked into the ball everyone clapped. Bella was so happy, she could not wait to become Queen. She walked down the stairs and spotted Cinderella and Snow White, she walked over to their table so they could talk. They were having so much fun that they didnt notice all the evil in the shadows waiting for the moment that Bella would go crazy.

"Can I have your attention please?" the mayor asked. "Tonight we are going to crown the new Queen of Crandonland." "Princess Bella could you please join me on the stage" When Bella got on the stage the mayor placed the crown on her head and said "I give you Queen Bella". Everyone clapped and Bellas friends ran on the stage to hug her.

Queen Regina was still trying to get into the ball, but all the doors were locked. Finally it occured to her to disguise hereself as one of the waiters serving food. When she got in the ball she seen that she was to late. She knew the only thing left to do was get the crown off her head before something bad happened.

Meanwhile on the stage Queen Bella was so happy then all of sudden she felt mad at everyone even her friends. She didnt understand why but she knew she wanted to hurt everyone in the room. She started to step back from everyone but they kept getting closer and closer. She started to hit them and push them out of her way. After she did that she was so scared she knew she needed to get out of the ball. Bella ran down the steps toward the door.

Queen Regina seen Queen Bella on the stage hitting everyone and she knew the Evil Queens plans had worked. "I have got to get that crown of her head, maybe then the spell will be gone". Regina started to run towards Bella screaming her name. The other Queens that were in the shadows what was going on and ran so they would not get caught.

Regina reached Bella and tried to pull the crown off her head. Bella turned around and Regina hollered "Its the crown you need to take it off" but it was to late Bella had grabbed a knife from the table. Regina grabbed for the crown again and almost had it but Bella stabbed her in the heart.

As Queen Regina fell to the ground she pulled off the crown. As the crowd started to gather around Bella and Regina, Regina was able to tell them that Queen Lena had hexed the crown and it made Queen Bella crazy, then she died.

The crowd had heard that it was all Queen Lena's fault and they spotted her trying to leave. The bodyguards at the door were able to catch her so she could be arrested.

A few months later things had returned to normal. The Evil Queens were still hiding in fear of being put in jail with Queen Lena. Lena was in jail and no longer the Queen. Queen Bella first action as being Queen was to have a statue of Queen Regina put in the towns square of Crandonland for being a hero.

Queen Bella lived happily ever after.

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Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa

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PostSubject: Re: Once Upon A Time   Once Upon A Time I_icon_minitimeSun 5 Jun - 14:23:18

OOPS I forgot, im playing for Anadalsia or however its spelled
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Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa

Join date : 2016-05-23

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PostSubject: Re: Once Upon A Time   Once Upon A Time I_icon_minitimeSun 5 Jun - 15:32:19

Damn I forgot The End Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Once Upon A Time   Once Upon A Time I_icon_minitime

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Once Upon A Time
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