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 Challenge 7

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PostSubject: Challenge 7   Sun 5 Jun - 11:18:24

I am playing for earth.

There's Magic in that Bag!

Once upon a time there was an amazing girl named Susie who went shopping for a purse. She obviously needed a purse to hold all of her magnificent items that every girl needs to carry. So Susie bought her purse and took it home with her. She loaded her purse up with the necessities one needs. The next day she went to work on the street corner. Obviously she was selling ice cream. She took her purse with her to work. Suddenly her arch nemesis Joe came and tried to steal her street corner. Susie pulled out her purse to call for help. She noticed an extra pocket and wow it was a necklace it was magical. Where did that pocket come from she wondered. Well Susie threw it at him but missed. Also in that pocket was an umbrella Susie used that umbrella as a sword and Joe ran away. While he was running he screamed, "I never should have messed with a girl on the street corner." Susie felt proud that she was able to stand up for herself. Susie never had to worry again and always keeps her magic purse with her just in case and she not they lived happily ever after.

Susie is a short female with blonde hair. Joe is taller with black hair. Susie would be voiced by Anna Kendrick and joe would be voiced by vin diesel.
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PostSubject: Re: Challenge 7   Sun 5 Jun - 11:27:23

Sorry this made who I am real obvious. Hopefully it will work Very Happy
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Challenge 7
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