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 Mulan Confessional

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PostSubject: Mulan Confessional    Mon 30 May - 18:15:53

Week 1: An Introduction to a Warrior

Hi, it's me, Mulan. Some of you will remember me from my movie Mulan which was released in 1998 and made a worldwide box office total of $304,320,254 which I believe makes me super successful (more than Pocahontas at least) and now I am Natkats Big Brother game.

What can you expect from me? Well, I know a thing or two about keeping things secret (being a male warrior was not easy, do you know how many socks I stuffed down there?) So you guys can expect a very under the radar game, you won't know I am coming until it's too late. I am going to be playing this game with every bit of under the radar strategy I know.

Playing it low for the first few rounds and then rising like the true warrior I am. I really want to get an all girl alliance together, I need to see a powerful woman win this game. I am looking at the cast and I am very surprised to see Elsa here, I thought she was too busy making a sequel (good to see she has her pet snowman here)? It doesn't matter cause Reflections was a way better song than Let it Go.

That brings me on to my next point, I am looking at the cast and I need to work out the common bonds between characters. For instance, Pocahontas and John Smith are lovers. Boo, Hopper, Woody are Pixar movies. Gaston, Hopper, Lady T, Queen Narissa are all villains. I think it is important to keep an eye on those common links that players are automatically going to be drawn to.

I mean I am a Disney princess and I see the cast and straight away I want to work with Elsa and Pocahontas.

The game is early and I need my beauty rest because soon I will rise like the true warrior I am.
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PostSubject: Re: Mulan Confessional    Mon 6 Jun - 14:34:59

Episode 2: Lost in a world.

Things are heating up, I can feel it in the air. I am getting very close to my fellow Disney princess Pocahontas. She is probably the person I speak to the most right now and we agree, to be honest with one another. I like her a lot but I think she may be a bit under the radar meaning she won't go for HoH much.

We have the idea to set up an all girl alliance. We have both been speaking to Boo frequently and I have been speaking to Queen Narissa quite a bit and she has been speaking to Lady T (I cannot be bothered to say her name) lady T would be the mom of the group cause she is very old - almost ancient.

Anyway, that is the idea.

I stupidly voted to evict Gaston, but he seems to think I kept him <333 no water on my back.

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PostSubject: Re: Mulan Confessional    Mon 6 Jun - 14:42:07

Episode 3: Girl Power
So it is official, Me/Boo/Pocahontas are now all in a team called the Spice Girls. I like Boo, I think I can trust her but she is a bit of social butterfly so will have to look out for that 3 year olds sass.

Gaston of course wins HoH so I have to play sucky suck a little bit and completley brush over the fact that I voted him out. It is odd, he doesn't even ask if I did or not which means A. He has bigger fish to fry or B. He thinks I naturally have his back because he is that arrogant.

I am still talking to Woody, who seems super sweet. I love him but I never knew toys could speak.

Right now I am just sitting back and enjoying this free holiday, I haven't really had to strategize that much because I am just being super social. I think the only people I have not spoken to are Hopper (who should hopefully leave tonight), Dodger, Olaf & Scott because he is lame.

No one wants the person who killed Santa here. This is a family show.
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PostSubject: Re: Mulan Confessional    Mon 6 Jun - 14:51:55

Episode 4: Set in Motion

Okay here we go, now the game is really starting. So, Boo comes out and lays her cards straight on the table and tells us of private rooms with:
Boo / Woody / Hopper
Boo / Woody / Scott

Lol, I knew I was not incorrect for naturally assuming there would be a Pixar alliance.

Anyway, we are putting the plan in motion that will basically see us split up and protect each other in our new alliances. because we know Dodger used the Veto on Woody we have to assume there is some kind of loyalty there so...

Queen Narissa/Lady T/ Pocahontas/ Mulan

Those are the two alliances. So an all girl one and then a mixed one. It leaves Elsa, Olaf & Gaston on the outskirts so we can basically take them out in the coming rounds. Then we get both alliances to turn on one another and we sit in the middle until the time is right.

It's a great plan, The Spice Girls are here to slay.

I instantly tell Queen Narissa that we should get an alliance going and she loves the idea. So much that she set's up a room in 0.5 seconds. I need to make her believe that the alliance is completely her idea so that she thinks she is top dog. She strikes me as someone who feels the need to be the one in charge.

So now there is a separate room consisting of Me/Lady T/ Pocs/ QN. I just need to keep the target off of Boo's back.

Now I have told Woody that me/boo/dodger and he should team up. I dropped out Scott because I think he is probably useless. And he tells me his in going to speak to Dodger about it and see what he thinks. Again, I make it seem like it is both mine and Woody's idea.

So right now, I am sitting pretty. I have also been speaking to Elsa a lot more and I think she will come in handy later down the line.
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Mulan Confessional
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