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 Conversations You Guys Do NOT See - PM's

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PostSubject: Conversations You Guys Do NOT See - PM's   Mon 30 May - 13:09:04

Here is where I will post important PM messages.

Dodger wrote:
Just today I talked to Pocahontas a little but don't have a good sense of her yet. I talk to Lady Tremaine probably the 2nd most of those in the game. Neither of us have said that much but I like her so far. Not sure how she's voting though.

Still Scott Calvin? I've been trying to not say anything but he kind of demanded a definitive answer so I might have outright lied to him a bit, which is my first time in the game doing that. It's starting! I'm fine with that though. I haven't told anyone else anything so he has no way of calling me on that.

Gaston wrote:
Lady Tremaine is quiet, but she did vote to keep me. I don't talk to her at all.

I don't know if he's going to go, so I suggest you go with the majority. Don't want you isolating yourself, but if he is actually demanding answers I'm sure it will rub people the wrong way. You answered perfectly. You had no choice but to answer that way. I see what he's doing though.... I'll be sure to plant some seeds to people and see what grows.

Still unsure of the votes btw:

Elsa??? (She was the first person to tell me she would) Ugh... I have to do some more snooping.
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Join date : 2016-05-24

PostSubject: Re: Conversations You Guys Do NOT See - PM's   Wed 1 Jun - 0:24:50

Read from bottom to top.

Gaston wrote:
I'd be thrilled with him nominated. Sorry, I guess I didn't quite understannd what you meant.

I'll let you know if she says anything to me. We have a room now. I just asked her what she was thinking.

Yeah, sometimes people knowing your identity is great, but if you're hated or feared on the board, that's another story. Ha!

Dodger wrote:
You don't want Scott nominated? He's probably gunning for you already. I won't nominate him if you don't want me to though.

I think she might use the POV. Also some people are obvious but I think there's a strategy element to letting people guess who you are without ever saying it. Either way there's no way to be sure until the end.

Gaston wrote:

Then fingers crossed she won't use the veto. I don't think she will though?

I don't have the slightest clue who she could be, bro. I'm terrible at guessing, but some people are really obvious. I've spoken to her sporadically and even then it's usually one word answers. I don't know.

Dodger wrote:
Scott will be my replacement if Elsa uses the POV. But Scott is also the one who offered to not nominate me so I don't want to risk him being taken off the block.

Elsa is ridiculous. But I have an idea of who she is and if I'm right, she's trustworthy and very nice. And I somehow doubt she's especially close with anyone since she comes across as randomly banging on the keyboard sometimes.

Gaston wrote:
Good thing you didn't put up Elsa!

Yeah, no preference. They're pretty much the same person. We also do not know who won veto. I don't think either of them did, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

Dodger wrote:
Would you have any preference? I won't mention it to anyone. Elsa and Mulan would be the 2 no one cares about?
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Conversations You Guys Do NOT See - PM's
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